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Helsinki, Finland, 4th December, 2001 - Exidio Ltd., the developer of Trezone, an internet-based treasury service system for major international corporations, has announced the immediate availability of version 2.7 of Trezone.

Trezone version 2.7 provides new and enhanced functionality to support Straight Through Processing (STP) for corporate internal treasury processes.
The new release provides true 24/7 internal FX and Money Market transaction support enabling subsidiaries operating in different timezones to work with their central treasury no matter if the treasury is physically present or not. Subsidiaries will get immediately prices for their transactions and they no longer have to send emails or faxes and wait for a day to get an answer. From treasury’s point of view this means that they don’t have to spend a lot of time to process yesterdays dealing requests, although they still have full control over them if needed.

Release 2.7 also supports corporate wide currency exposure management by providing subsidiaries tools to report their currency positions and based on the reported position automatically generate appropriate FX transactions to hedge the position. Hedging policies for currencies can be defined by corporate treasury to meet the internal treasury policies.

Among other new functionality Trezone external interfaces have also been enhanced to support more 3rd party cash management, TMS and other systems.