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BCS Web Project Checks Managers' Maturity Against Peers'- Free profiling tool discovers which programmes measure up

Leeds, England - 30 October 2001 – Programme managers can discover if their
programmes measure up to those of their peers through a new web project designed to test the maturity of programme management.The Programme Management Maturity Model (PMMM), available without charge for individuals, measures 55 indicators, from team definition to budget control, to provide an individual profile. These indicators are compared with a growing database of peer profiles to determine maturity.

PMMM, jointly developed by Paul Rayner of the Enterprise Performance Practice at Logica and Geoff Reiss of The Program Management Group (PMG), is available from, the web site of ProgM - the joint Programme Management Specific Interest Group of the British Computer Society and the Association for Project Management.

"Programme Management is an emerging technique for managing multiple
projects," commented Geoff Reiss. "Because it is still in its infancy, many
managers don’t know if their techniques measure up. The aim of PMMM is to provide some objective feedback, and what better metric than a database of other programmes?"

With PMMM, organisations or individuals can evaluate their programmes in
management terms, comparing their own maturity with that of others on a fair
basis. It also allows participants to understand strengths and weaknesses
and to develop a plan to improve their ability to deliver successful programmes.

PMMM is based upon the processes defined in the OGC/CCTA’s publication "Managing Successful Programmes", and uses carefully worded statements based upon the characteristics associated with successful programmes.These statements take the form of a questionnaire.Each completed questionnaire is submitted through a validation stage and then compared to the database of previous responses. The scores provide a graphical profile of the
programme's level of maturity in each management process.

ProgM is The Programme Management Specific Interest Group of the Association
for Project Management and the British Computer Society.

The organisation, which offers free membership, promotes the science and discipline of Programme Management; aims to create a professional forum whereby members can share and exchange information in the field of Programme Management; provides professional standards and guidelines in Programme Management and fosters relationships with businesses interested in promoting the use of Programme Management methods and techniques.

The Program Management Group (PMG), based in Yorkshire's "Silicon Dale",
designs, develops and markets programme management software and services. Founded as Hydra Development Corporation in 1996, the fast-growing company spent over four years developing and refining its revolutionary programme management product, and has in less than 3 years established an international customer base of 32 global organisations, with over 5,000 users.

PMG’s latest Hydra3 product, introduced in October 2001, is a complete programme management suite, offering resource-centric, multi-project, multi-site planning capabilities. Its patent, intelligent, pre-emptive resource scheduling allows organisations to successfully plan and implement multiple simultaneous projects without the limitations of discrete task-centric project management tools.

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