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London/ 1st October 2001.

The current economic backdrop means many intermediaries are rapidly focusing their attention to client profitability in light of the ever increasing ‘commission wars’ and institutions are looking at the efficiency of trading and use of capital across all account types.

To assist this process, Future Dynamics (FD), the leading supplier of STP products to the futures industry has announced the release of topline, a new three dimensional data analysis tool.

topline can be implemented either as a clip-on module to each of the products in FD’s STP product suite or as a standalone product. It examines client relationships and trading efficiencies across the whole STP cycle.

‘Most firms have a real issue when it comes down to retrieving and analysing complex commission schedules, revenue and profit/loss information’, says Patrick Thornton-Smith of Future Dynamics. ‘Typically it needs slow and costly downloads then subsequent manual intervention and the results are inflexible and cumbersome. This is an example of one part of the STP process where fast, easy to use, historical and projected analysis is critical to running the business’.

topline turns the transactional data captured in the business into information that can be used to work on the business. Monitoring trading volumes, turnaround times for give ups, efficiency of trading by profit and loss, revenue by commission and fees or usage of capital through netting are just a few illustrations the value analysis can provide.

Using a pre-defined relational database for high performance OLAP information retrieval, historical data can be turned into powerful modelling information. This is easily accessible via a set of pre defined views, which can be easily ‘sliced and diced’ to provide filtering, sorting, and a choice of standard graphical representations which include charts, graphs, grids and trees.

Rapid ‘drill down’ into the data is performed in seconds by the end user, all without needing to resort to spreadsheets or programming resource. A forecasting feature allows you to test out ‘what if’ scenarios to project future revenues and trends based on different business models.

topline is based around a high performance, cost efficient platform using Microsoft SQL Server’s OLAP engine and Office 2000 components, in tandem with the Knosys ProclarityTM OLAP platform. It can be deployed as a standard client desktop or over the web using our back office web portal, load & go.

Future Dynamics offers a revolutionary technology model that embraces the power of the Internet but unlike others delivers full business functionality from trade inception to completion.

Crossfire handles all pre-trade order routing, risk management, and execution across a global order book. Sharing the same database, Viewpoint enables fast, efficient real-time matching and allocation. Load&Go then interfaces with any firm’s back office system to deliver a dynamic full service client web portal. Rollcage provides a unique view of post trade risk management utilising real time clearing, execution and give-in data. Topline allows users to look at customer relationships by profiling measures like the commission, fees and interest to examine multi-product client activity, and identify sources of income and profitability.

With this unique balance of leading-edge technology and business experience, Future Dynamics provide real value throughout the listed derivatives trade cycle.