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Tragedy in America

For emergency numbers and contact details please click

Securities Industry News: WTC Disaster: Market Data Industry Updates
We've created a bulletin board to support the industry at: fisd Bulletin Board
You can also get there from the home page at
In addition, FIF has created a forum to share information from industry participants on the status of the systems and financial information services that we all use. is a central meeting for friends and families of the tragedy
that took place on tuesday. Here you will find a message board, a place to
submit your photos of missing persons, important phone numbers, and a place
for support. Please click here

Given the level of uncertainty on the ground about the situation we have not given up hope of finding our friends and colleagues safe & well. We would again urge anyone who is either concerned, or has information about someone who might have been attending the Congress, to contact our emergency help line number in the UK (manned 24 hrs. a day)." (See more below..)
Emergency help line telephone number UK: 020 7484 9700

For more information on survivors from the World Trade Center please click here

Customer Advisory: Reuters has established an emergency center at the
Reuters building in New York's Times Square to handle issues resulting from
the Sept. 11 attacks on New York and Washington, D.C. For customer
inquiries, please call our Customer Response Center at (1) 800 435 0101. For
inquiries concerning Reuters employees, please call (1) 646 223 4504.
Reuters latest press release on its U.S. operations. For further information click here

Life and business coaches from all over the world have been volunteering
their services to give support, at no cost, to anybody anywhere who has
suffered either directly or indirectly in America's 11th September tragedy.
Those wishing to get in touch should go to the following website where they
will be able to find details of individual coaches offering help: click here

In response to our national tragedy, Hackensack University Medical Center in Hackensack, NJ (Bergen County, 7 miles west of New York City) is offering emotional support and crisis counseling. Through Sunday, September 16, persons may access these services by either calling (201) 996-5994 or by stopping by the Hekemian Conference Center, 30 Prospect Ave., Hackensack, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. Beginning Monday, September 17, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., counseling services will be available at the Access Center of the Department of Psychiatry, located at 25 E. Salem St. in Hackensack.
Please call (201) 996-5994 for more information.

Morgan Stanley Emergency number in USA (+1) 888 883 4391/3540
Corporate Communications (London) 0207-425 4943. For further information click here

Merill Lynch employees helpline +1 887 637 9040. For further information click here

Friends and Family Status Database
click here

Emergency number +1 877 441 3723. For further information click here

It has been confirmed that all 200+ Bridge employees in the 2WTC are safe and nearly all of the 3WTC employees are now accounted for and known to be safe. None of the employees were on any of the planes and Bridge are in the process of making sure that any employee in New York is accounted for and well. After such tragic events it is miraculous to have this outcome regarding the employees of Bridge.
Technical & General helplines
USA +1 800 325 4357
UK +44 207 842 4242 or

CSFB's downtown office at 5 World Trade Centre collapsed last night (it had been evacuated the day before so no casulaties reported).
Emergency number +1 877 355 2732. For further information click here

Emergency number +1 410 895 2029. For more information click here

OK list for the Financial Technology World click here

Emergency number +1 877 896 7990

Due to the forced closure of the building from which we provide software support services for North America, we ask that you please call the following offices in the order listed.
Please call our UK support office on 011 44 20 7374 8307
Our temporary office located in Manhattan at 212 650 0578

Emergency number +1 800 698 4567

The main tenants in the World Trade Center towers
click here

Thompson Financial Emergency number +1 800 535 3540

Emergency number +1 212 345 6000

Blue Cross/Blue Sheild +1 800 716 8265

Emergency number +1 800 755 2602

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SportsBiz Security shouldn't be a game - Sep. 21, 2001click here

London: 13th September 2001: On the morning of Tuesday 11th September UK-based Risk Waters Group was hosting a Financial Technology Congress at ‘Windows on the World’ on the 106th floor of the North Tower at the World Trade Center in New York. The conference opened at 8.30 a.m.

To date the company has been unable to contact anyone who attended the congress. We have 221 people on our list of registered delegates, speakers & sponsors. In addition, 16 Risk Waters Group employees were due at the event, making a total planned attendance of 237.

Based on advance registration lists & research conducted by the company since the tragedy we have reason to believe that:

* 100 delegates have been confirmed by their companies as not having arrived at the time of the tragedy and are safe.

As this was a New York event, the vast majority of our delegates were based in the USA but we cannot determine their nationality. There were a few registered delegates from the UK & Japan.

Risk Waters Group staff members attended from both our London & New York offices. 10 are British, 5 are American and 1 is Australian.

Peter Field, Chief Executive of the Risk Waters Group said today

"We continue to make round the clock efforts to contact staff, delegates, speakers and sponsors who were scheduled to attend this congress. In spite of this we have heard nothing from anyone who was in ‘Windows on the World’ at the time of the attack. For further information click here

"Everyone from the former and present Telerate seem to have made it out."

"I have heard that Joe Acunto, Nick Constantinides and Dave Williams were able to get out. I also heard that Bridge folks on the 59th floor were able to get out. Please relay this to other (former) Telerate people. "

"So far most of the old Telerate crew are accounted for. The ones with "Bridge" were in World 5 , I know Susie Mond worked in W5 she and others are ok. The "Telerate" staff were in Tower 2 on the 57/58 floors (old authos's group) and seem to have got out. Some were late getting to work so that old Telerate work ethic came in handy. Others evacuated after the first plane hit Tower one."

"I did get a report that Susie Mond, Maria Gizmond, Vanessa and Jane Tangsley are fine."

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