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CertCo, Inc. - From Risk to Reliance - Latest News

CertCo is a leading provider of risk management and security solutions applying innovative technology and know-how to help companies grow their businesses, pursue new market opportunities and safeguard corporate assets and customers.

Recently, CertCo announced its unique relationship with Identrus, the global trust framework created to protect their customers against digital identity fraud, permitting secure e-commerce transactions on a global scale.

With Netegrity, CertCo provide SiteMinder® sites with highly secure, cryptographic levels of authentication and authorization, using certificates from all major Certificate Authorities. CertCo's CertValidator(TM), an Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) responder and secure digital certificate repository, is capable of accepting the certificates and certificate revocation lists published by single or multiple Certificate Authorities (CAs).

And more to come... innovative digital signing products, enhanced validation products and that make secure eCommerce a matter of routine, not a matter of concern.