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London, 8th June 2001 - HelioGraph, specialists in the financial messaging technology sector, today held the official launch of their corporate actions workflow solution, eVent. eVent is the first system to automate the corporate actions process, end-to-end. It automates the electronic receipt of notifications and provides on-line management facilities to manage the entire process. The solution brings major benefits for Fund Managers, Custodians and Brokers involved in both domestic and cross border security activity.

The event was attended by a large group of securities professionals as well as the media and industry analysts. HelioGraph and distributors eVent Systems provided a varied program of presentations and discussions for their audience. Attendees at the launch enjoyed product presentations and demonstrations, a talk by Teresa Nolan, Senior Manager at S.W.I.F.T. on the topical subject of ISO 15022 and structured data as well as a 'Fund Managers perspective' by Martin Pearce, Head of Investment Operations at MFS Investment Management, the first US fund manager to implement eVent.

Amery Thomas, Managing Director at HelioGraph comments:

"Corporate actions, until now, have been a manual process and this has meant that the procedure carries a high risk of error. HelioGraph has combined its expertise in STP and workflow with the business knowledge of eVent Systems with the aim of solving this industry wide problem. Our solution, eVent, reduces the risks involved in the corporate actions process and thus allows clients to avoid huge potential losses."

Commenting on the day, David Baxter, Director at eVent Systems said:

"The response to eVent has been quite remarkable and has risen in line with the general interest shown towards corporate actions over the past few months. This was evident in the numbers attending the product launch. The introduction of structured data, such as ISO15022, has provided organizations with a means through which automation can now be achieved. Until recently it has been virtually impossible to automate corporate actions with most organizations, at best, automating only a little of the process. eVent comes to the market at a time when external factors such as the demise of the ISO7775 standard are forcing change upon organizations. These changes will benefit all concerned and will ensure organizations are able to substantially reduce the risks and costs associated to the process. However this can only be achieved when a solution such as eVent, that manages the entire process, is introduced."