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Research shows most Private Banking

Raft International has released research today that shows most Private Banking Websites are largely invisible to the estimated 50,000 people who search the internet for them every month. Of the 387 sites that consistently appeared in internet searches for Private Bank and Private Banking, the top ten Private Banking websites achieved 62% of the total opportunities to attract searchers leaving few opportunities for other contenders.The top website, Credit Suisse Private Banking, achieved on average almost two listings per search. This made it three times more visible on the internet than any other private bank, the nearest contender achieving only a 60% likelihood of appearing at all.The Web Visibility findings were calculated in the first quarter of 2001 from the search results of the twenty largest internet search engines, representing over 95% of the global Internet search traffic. The visibility rating for each website depends on the number of searches it appeared in, the position in each search result and the market share of the search engine being used. David Priestley, Executive Chairman of Raft International said, 'With the exception of the top four sites, the majority of private banks have not yet got to grips with the potential of internet branding as an opportunity to engage new clients. Even if only a small proportion of the 50,000 searches each month are translated into fee income, this is a huge revenue stream that most private banks have little or no access to.'The ranking was based on the likelihood of finding at least one link to a website during a search. The top ten most visible private bank websites in terms of links to every search completed were found to be:

1. Credit Suisse 195.7%
2. Royal Bank of Canada 60.3%
3. CIBC - Global 47.9%
4. Bank of New York 46.1%
5. Jyske Bank 19.8%
6. Chase 16.4%
7. Barings-Guernsey 14.9%
8. UBS 13.1%
9. Flemings 11.5%
10. Summitbank 9.7%
About the Web Visibility ResearchThe research was carried out internally by Raft International during the first quarter of 2001. The results are impartial and any advice given or statements or recommendations made shall not in any circumstances constitute or be deemed to constitute a warranty by Raft International plc as to the accuracy of such advice, statements or recommendations. Raft International plc shall not be liable for any loss, expense, damage or claim arising out of the advice given or not given or statements made or omitted to be made in connection with this document.About Raft International PLCLaunched in 1995, Raft International plc develops component based software solutions for financial institutions in the investment banking and wealth management sectors. In addition, Raft offers a range of strategic consultancy and business change services to financial organisations developing their e-commerce capabilities. With offices in the United Kingdom, Denmark and India and a customer base spanning Western Europe, Raft’s main revenue generator is the design and implementation of software solutions using its component-based Rapid Application Development (RAD) techniques. These enable the Company to deliver tailored and cost effective web-enabled software solutions up to 10 times quicker than traditional systems. The Company is a Microsoft Managed Partner, and its component based software is built using Microsoft’sTM COM architecture. Raft International was recently floated on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in order to accelerate its growth and expand into new markets.Contact:Jane StollRaft International PLCTel: +44(0)20 7847 [email protected]