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$3Treasury Seminars by the Fachschule für Bankwirtschaft

The Fachschule für Bankwirtschaft (FSB) offers a variety of one to ten day courses in all areas of banking and corporate treasury.

TOMATO’s Martin Schneider and Klaus Groner are part of the impressive group of lecturers. For example, Martin Schneider will offer two basic treasury seminars in 2000, one on June 18, the other on Nov. 19.

$3Cryptologist Discovered Digital Signature Algorithm Flaw

A scientist at Bell Labs, the R&D wing of Lucent, has discovered a flaw in the random number generation technique used with the DSA . The flaw could have affected the integrity of secure transactions on the Internet and adversely impacted VPNs, online shopping and online financial transactions.

$3Cash-on-Demand: Breakthrough in E-Commerce

A new software, “Cash-on-Demand,” lets you print bills in various currencies off the hardware “Moneyprint.” SpaceNet, a German Internet provider, developed these tools that add a new dimension to online payment systems