How 'Eurograbber' attack stole 36M euros from banking customers across Europe

6th December 2012

Company: bobsguide
Check Point, the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, and Versafe, a private developer of security applications, has revealed how a sophisticated malware attack was used to steal an estimated Euro 36 million (GBP 30M) from over 30,000 customers of over 30 banks in Italy, Spain, Germany and Holland over summer this year. The theft used... read more

SWIFT white paper: Meeting the Operational Challenge of Sanctions Compliance

27th November 2012

Company: SWIFT
Meeting the Operational Challenge of Sanctions Compliance The rapid growth in the number of transactions and watchlists mean that the operational cost of sanctions compliance is doubling every four years. read more

Corporate Actions Standards: Black & White or A Hundred Shades of Grey?

17th October 2012

Company: Thomson Reuters
Is the Business Case for Corporate Actions Standards: Black & White or A Hundred Shades of Grey? Do you know what are the potential challenges and impact of coexistence between corporate actions standards ISO 15022 and 20022? Do you know what actions can be taken to move forward? Download this open letter and find out what industry heavyweights... read more

New Legal Entity Data Whitepaper - Mapping The Corporate Genome

11th September 2012

Company: Thomson Reuters
“Legal Entity Data: Mapping The Corporate Genome” was authored by Tim Lind, Head of Legal Entity Content, Thomson Reuters and addresses the key issues facing the market as a result of the Financial Stability Board’s - Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) initiative. The LEI initiative is of significant importance, it represents a significant shift... read more

Unlocking the Hidden Value in Financial Institutions

28th August 2012

The evolutionary shift to internet-connected systems is not unique to financial services. The airline, retail, telecommunications and media sectors all demonstrate how internet-connected systems radically change the nature of customer interaction. They have dramatically lifted customer expectation, creating demand for higher levels of self-service... read more

Whitepaper: Efficient Fund Operations - Decision making for a leaner future

5th July 2012

Company: Milestone Group
Inherent limitations in traditional investment decision models are a roadblock to the sorts of efficiency gains sought by the fund administration industry. But that need not be the case. In its latest white paper, ‘Efficient fund operations – Decision making for a leaner future’, Geoff Hodge, CEO of Milestone Group calls for a radical rethink... read more

Whitepaper: Keeping your foot on the outsourcing control pedal

9th November 2011

Company: Milestone Group
Rigorous oversight is essential for financial institutions as regulators worldwide continue to scrutinise how outsourced relationships are operated. 'Keeping your foot on the outsourcing control pedal’ warns that effective independent oversight is essential for financial institutions as outsourcing momentum continues. Download the whitepaper here... read more

Burning Issues for Sales Directors and CEOs

27th September 2011

For our sixth sales focussed white paper, we interviewed a large number of Chief Executives and Sales Directors from leading technology companies and asked “What are the key challenges you face within your sales organisation which are impacting on your ability to grow your business?”. We found that there were two underlying issues behind the... read more

bobsguide Conference Magazine - Sibos 2011 Edition

19th September 2011

Company: bobsguide
The bobsguide Conference Magazine offers an editorial analysis of many of the central concerns at the heart of this year’s conference. We questioned exhibitors and panellists to see what they thought would be the hot topics of discussion in both the sessions and on the conference floor, while we have called on industry experts to provide an... read more

Optimising Payment Platforms For Profitability & Commercial Success

7th September 2011

Company: Compass Plus
Enabling customisation to boost performance, accommodate change, and retain competitive advantage read more