Whitepaper: Changing lanes in Hungary - From batch to instant payments

31st October 2017

Company: Icon Solutions
From July 2019, customers of Hungarian banks will be able to make instant credit transfers of up to HUF 10 million and the beneficiaries would be able to use these funds within 5 seconds from the transfer. The use of ‘secondary payment identifiers’ and ‘request for payment’ will also add to the ease and adoption of instant payments by... read more

Data Strategies for Investment Management Success

26th October 2017

It is no secret that investment firms have under-invested in their IT capabilities. The US Securities and Exchange Commission imposing ‘Investment Company Reporting Modernization’ points to acknowledgement within the industry that there is something lacking in firms’ ability to produce and disclose information necessary to run a stable and... read more

Reimagining global banking services in the connected digital marketplace

26th October 2017

In partnership with Burnmark, our white paper explores the challenges and opportunities faced by financial organisations in a global marketplace. The emergence of the financial utility is set to be a game changer; shaking up the way in which global businesses transact across borders. read more

Derivatives in Wealth Management

24th October 2017

Company: Objectway
Derivatives are often perceived as high risk, but opportunities are missed when they are ignored. When used as part of a broader trading strategy, the result can often be a reduction of market or currency risk. In this white paper, authored in collaboration with Saxo Bank, you’ll discover how eXimius supports the creation and valuation of... read more

Implementing a Risk-Based Oversight Model

20th October 2017

Company: Accenture
Changes in service providers, new regulations, emerging technologies and globalization are forcing asset management firms to adapt their business models and upgrade their technology platforms. This is part of Accenture Asset Management's Back-Office Conversion Toolkit. read more

Defining Standards with Service-Level Agreements

20th October 2017

Company: Accenture
Functionalized operations and business process outsourcing are becoming increasingly popular options among asset managers. The potential benefits of both are significant, but the risks to operations and efficiency are equally great if proper governance is not established up front. This is part of Accenture Asset Management's Back-Office Conversion... read more

IFRS 9, Stress Testing, ICAAP - A comprehensive framework for PD calculation

20th October 2017

Company: Prometeia
In order to fulfil all the different requirements coming from competent authorities for different regulatory processes, financial institutions are asked to calculate probabilities of default (PD) in several ways. Forward looking lifetime PDs are needed for IFRS 9 compliance while a stressed point in time PD is required to calculate impairment... read more

The Age of Agile: Creating Interconnected Ecosystems

19th October 2017

Financial markets never sleep — and the technological innovation that supports those markets is also alive and moving at an exponential rate. How quickly can your organization adapt its systems to confidently respond to a revenue-generating idea or a shift in business growth strategy? Read this white paper to learn more read more

Cyber Fraud – the Impact on Treasury

19th October 2017

Company: BELLIN
Cybercrime has soared to record levels and this has also had severe repercussions for treasury. The key questions are: where are the vulnerable points of failure? How can I prepare and protect my business? Employees can be a company’s greatest asset in preventing fraud but also their weakest link. In his whitepaper, BELLIN TMS user Royston Da... read more

SWIFT Global Payments Innovation (GPI)

18th October 2017

SWIFT GPI enables you to fast-track and trace the cross-border payments. with the unique tracking code, you can trace the payment, STOP or recall the payment transaction in case of any error and trace the extra bank fee charged by the banks. Contact Axletree Solutions for more details. read more