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Trading Systems

Finding a trading system that suits your specific needs is easy with Bobsguide. From commodities and equities trading to fixed income trading, we provide the most up to date information about trading systems in the financial sector.

Derivatives Systems

Should your business require derivatives systems and technology, make bobsguide your first port of...


Software related to all aspects of financial, commodities, derivatives and exchange markets for the...

Commodities - Energy specific

Products and services related to all aspects of energy specific commodities.

Commodities Solutions

Software and services for all aspects of commodities trading, except energy.

Electronic Trading Networks

Software and services focused on electronically linking one or more parties together for the purpose...

Equities Systems

Software and services focused on the analysis, trading and execution of equity securities.

Exchanges / ECNs

All exchanges and electronic communication networks, including: futures, options, commodities,...

Fixed Income Systems

Trading systems which focus on some or all fixed income securities including corporate, government,...

Liquidity Management Systems

Liquidity management system enables firms to manage their liquidity for best execution, smart...


Software and services focused on facilitating and managing the order execution of securities,...

Online Trading and Brokerage Portals

Online services offering trading and brokerage options for companies and individuals.

Software Components for the Dealing Room

Versatile software that enable users to interface in response to contract trades whilst adhering to...

Systems for Exchanges

Financial exchange systems and trading platforms for the purpose of monitoring and analyzing value...

Looking for a trading system?

A trading system that is quick, reliable and tailored to suit a company's requirements is a vital part of any financial business, especially in today's fast-paced and digitised world, where transaction speeds are measured in milliseconds.

In most cases, a trading system will simplify and automate the trading process, resulting in rapid and more precise trading and often leading to increased profitability. Bobsguide has brought together a collection of trading systems options to help you choose the best solution for your company, ranging from fixed-income securities to online commodity trading systems.

Of course, we aren't here just to help you source trading system software. We have also brought together the latest trading systems news and events to keep you up to date with the industry, as well as a number of career opportunities revolving around trading systems jobs to give you the opportunity to advance your own position in the sector.

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The types of trading systems available Many different trading systems and software programs are available and each offers specialised functionality. The best option for a company will depend on its specific requirements.

At Bobsguide, we have separated the trading systems available into different categories. This can help you find the option that's most suited for your needs.

Trading systems for brokers are generally related to the financial, commodities, derivatives and exchange markets. They are designed to help third parties make the best choices on their clients.

Commodities trading systems are designed for use in markets where products such as food, metals and energy are exchanged, as well as any other raw or primary materials.

Electronic trading networks are automated trading systems that buy and sell orders at specified prices. They are generally used by brokers, helping to establish links to a variety of parties for quick security trading.

Equities systems are designed to deal with the buying and selling of company stock shares. Depending on the system, it may be suitable for trading on major stock exchanges or in over-the-counter markets.

In our exchanges / ECNs section, you'll find trading systems that work over electronic communications networks. These include futures, options, commodities, financials, stocks and securities trading systems.

Trading systems for fixed income systems are designed to work with investments that provide a regular return. These can include corporate, government, mortgage-backed and asset-backed securities in any currency.

Order management systems and execution management systems - also referred to as OMS and EMS trading systems - facilitate and manage securities, generally through the FIX protocol.

Online trading and brokerage portals provide solutions for both companies and individuals. They are also good sources of market information and reports.

There are also various software components for the dealing room, which enable users to respond to contract trades and ensure they remain within regulatory requirements.

Systems for exchanges will assist in the monitoring and analyzing value fluctuations of commodities, equities, bonds and derivatives.

Find the best trading system with help from Bobsguide

At Bobsguide, we've brought together a vast selection of trading systems, which have all been chosen for their ability to improve the day-to-day flow of business on the trading floor, ensuring efficiency and reliability wherever possible.

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