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Latest news - Monday 26th January

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Alex Letts - Ffrees

23rd January 2015

Alex Letts founded Ffrees Family Finance, the new current account provider, in early 2012 with ambition to deliver a more relevant type of current account for families not rich enough for the High Street banks to provide a good service. Alex’s Ffrees novel current account is allowing families to save as they spend and helping to change the... read more

Alastair Lukies - Monitise

23rd January 2015

Company: Monitise
Alastair is a founder and the CEO of Monitise. He stands apart as a CEO through his collaborative approach to business – championing banks but also working with mobile operators, payment providers and retailers, through his innovation as well as his deal-making, to deliver Mobile Money around the world. read more

Claire Calmejane - Lloyds Banking Group

23rd January 2015

Claire Calmejane is the Head of Digital Innovation, Culture and Partnerships at Lloyds Banking Group. Claire has set-up the innovation labs of LBG 18 months ago.  Starting with the test and learn arm and a culture transformation programme, identified early on as a key to embed innovation through the organisation and drive agility. The labs... read more

Steven O’Hanlon - Numerix

23rd January 2015

Company: Numerix
Steven O’Hanlon, as President and Chief Executive Officer of Numerix LLC, the leading provider of cross-asset analytics for derivatives valuations and risk management, is the chief executive and chief architect responsible for the Company’s corporate strategy, sales, operations, marketing and distribution. His contributions to the... read more

Yoni Assia - eToro

23rd January 2015

Company: eToro
Yoni Assia is the CEO of eToro, the world’s largest social investment network. He has shown an interest in finance and computer science since his youth and so decided to merge his passions. It was this very passion along with the social revolution, which lead to the founding and development of eToro’s investment network, where users... read more

InvestYourWay with IG Index

23rd January 2015

Company: InvestYourWay
IG partnered with InvestYourWay, offering access to 85,000 IG customers through their PureDeal platform. IG recognised the benefit to their customers and have stood behind an innovative FinTech business, offering marketing and advertising services through their existing channels.  In a community where technology is used by people but... read more

Klarna with ekmPowershop

23rd January 2015

Company: Klarna
Swedish payments company Klarna has significantly boosted its foothold in the UK through a partnership with digital storefront company ekmPowershop, which claims to power one in five online stores in the country.  Through the deal Klarna’s digital check-out will be available to the 30,000 small businesses that are currently using the... read more

RetailCapital with Flexpoint Ford

23rd January 2015

Company: RetailCapital
RetailCapital, a data and analytics company that makes financing available to a broad range of small and medium size businesses (SMBs), has secured a new round of investment from Flexpoint Ford, LLC, a private equity firm focused on the financial services and healthcare sectors. Coinciding with the investment, RetailCapital has been ranked #35... read more

Funding Circle with Santander

23rd January 2015

Company: Funding Circle
Funding Circle was created with a big idea: to revolutionize the outdated banking system and secure a better deal for everyone. In June 2014, Funding Circle agreed on a partnership with Santander bank. The referral arrangement will see Santander proactively refer small business customers looking for a loan to Funding Circle, where they... read more
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