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bobsuide can help your company to find the leading insurance software you have been looking for. Our directory of business-to-business vendors means we can help you access the latest insurance systems for your organisation.

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bobsguide can help your company to find essential policy management software. As a leading resource...


Audit systems and software related to all aspects of auditing. Browse our extensive range of audit...

Broker Management Solutions

Broker management software to manage brokerage and exchange data within insurance companies. Browse...

Claims Management Systems

Claims management systems for insurance cover such as Life & Health, P&C and Worker's Compensation....

Client Management / Lead Providing

Client management software and services designed to help manage client portfolios, holdings and...

Life Agent Compensation

Compensation processing systems used for processing compensation to insurance brokers and life...

Management Support

Administrative management systems and services focused on the management of client portfolios,...

Needs Analysis / Sales Illustrations

Insurance sales systems designed for the illustration of insurance sales and financial needs...

Premium Financing

Premium financing software designed for monitoring and managing financial loans. bobsguide features...

Third Party Administrator

Administrative systems to process claims on behalf of self-insured organisations. Browse our...

Are you looking for insurance systems for your business?

If your business operates in the financial or asset management sectors, you may be in need of insurance systems to help your organisation run more effectively.

On bobsguide you will find plenty of reputable insurance system vendors that provide market-leading insurance systems which can help your business operate more efficiently and boost your bottom line.

What insurance software do you offer?

Our software is especially for organisations searching for business-to-business (B2B) technology and the purchasing of software and hardware for banking, finance and asset management firms. If you operate in these sectors you can be sure of finding insurance software to suit your company’s requirements.

As a leading online showcase for B2B insurance systems, we can put you in touch with market-leading providers that operate in a range of areas and provide cutting edge insurance software for the financial industry.

Claims management systems and life agent compensation software provide solutions for processing compensation payments to brokers and life agents.

You may also find our insurance solutions to be of assistance if you are looking for broker management solutions and premium financing software, which can be useful for monitoring and managing loans.

Whatever your needs, our experience means we can quickly put you in touch with businesses that provide high-quality insurance solutions.

Find insurance system vendors with bobsguide

Whether you want to make changes to your existing infrastructure or are aiming to set up insurance software within your organisation for the first time bobsguide can help.

With thousands of vendors from across the world registered on our site, you should be able to quickly contact providers of market-leading services.

We understand finding the right vendor can be tricky, which is why you can search the lists of companies we provide. Not only can you filter vendors by the location of their offices but also by the operating system they use - be it Windows 7, Linux or otherwise - and their pricing structure.

However, to make the most of the solutions contained on our site, you will need to become a member. It is free to sign up and when you do, you will be able to gain full access to the array of information we provide.

Registering with us can be the first step in securing efficient insurance software and systems for your business.

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