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Five ways banks can stand out in a digital landscape

26th May 2017

Company: Applause
The age of waiting in line at your local bank branch is thankfully over. The banking industry went online in the early 2000s and we haven’t looked back since. Competition between retail banks remains fierce, particularly as challenger banks and fintech players begin to take market share. In a low interest rate environment, and with bank... read more

Empowering fintech with in-memory computing

23rd May 2017

Company: GridGain Systems
To compete and innovate in a global, technology-driven economy, banks and financial institutions must make unprecedented amounts of data available for analysis and process billions of transactions in real and near real-time. To achieve this, many institutions are adopting cloud-based applications and outsourcing some of their data processing and... read more

The fintech trends supporting digital banks

19th May 2017

Company: Profile Software
Undoubtedly the financial services industry is significantly affected by the fintech evolution. Alternative finance firms, digital and challenger banks, P2P lending platforms, as well as traditional banks, adopt new technologies in order to better serve their clients. In a number of research materials, published over the past year, the need for... read more

Regtech is not about competition, it’s about collaboration

18th May 2017

Company: Waymark Tech
Many banks I talk to see regtech purely as a way to beat their competitors. This is the opportunity sold to them by management consultants; advisors who trot out the line that regtech can “transform compliance into a competitive advantage”. In other words, regtech can help banks, and other regulated institutions, bash their... read more

How PCI compliance is the first step in achieving the “CIA Triad”

16th May 2017

Company: NTT Com Security
Marco Borza, CEO, Advantio When it comes to PCI DSS compliance, most organizations consider it as a one-off task, something to complete – often only after the Acquiring Banks ask to do so – and forget about once the compliance has been validated. The problem is that compliance audits only prove best-practice during a snapshot in... read more

Will banking system providers collaborating with fintech start-ups become a trend?

11th May 2017

Company: bobsguide
Across the industry banks are increasingly generating early connections with start-up fintechs through incubator programmes. Now fintechs are following that trend, instead of acquiring start-ups that could bring some additional benefit their offerings, large banking software providers are partnering with smaller fintechs to offer their clients more... read more

Managing regulatory data for faster compliance and client onboarding

10th May 2017

Company: Fenergo
It’s been a calamitous few years for banking. Between unprecedented fines for non-compliance and the incessant onslaught of regulatory pressures, it’s been one controversial crisis after another. Banks really need to get back to the business of banking. That means onboarding new clients, upselling and cross-selling more efficiently,... read more

How artificial intelligence can give challenger banks an edge

10th May 2017

Company: Mindtree
Customer churn can provide great insights into what needs to change in business. In 2016, over a million customers switched their banks in the UK. With Current Account Switch Service in effect in UK, the pace of switching is making Current Accounts look a lot like Gas & Heating suppliers. By digging deeper into consumers’ reasons for... read more

Why integral workflow systems shouldn’t be ruled out against a Business Process Management system

5th May 2017

Having worked in the Business Process Management (BPM) industry for nearly 20 years, primarily for software vendors, you inherit a number of preconceptions.  One of those preconceptions is that all internal/integral workflow systems are inferior to an external BPM system. This preconception is born from the fact that there is no set... read more

The big pay-off of advanced analytics in banking

2nd May 2017

Company: bobsguide
Why should my bank start making data-driven decisions?  It’s a common question many bank executives are asking as they see the competition leveraging customer data to improve service, better segment, mitigate risk, enhance marketing messages, and drive new business opportunities. Banks are sitting on mountains of customer data that... read more