Big data: is manipulation really the answer?

14th August 2014

Company: bobsguide
Organisations are often faced with vast quantities of customer data they cannot make sense of and find difficult to manage. Big data provides companies with a way of understanding their customers better and the opportunity to target specific services to them. Although many companies are still learning how to utilise their valuable data, some... read more

Big Data, New Approach

13th August 2014

From front office risk management to back-office trade operations, financial services organisations are increasingly looking for new ways to solve today’s big data challenges. According to a Gartner report published in 2013, 64% of financial services firms have already either deployed or launched a big data initiative. Ovum also predicts a... read more

Interview: GFT Group acquire Rule Financial - expand consultancy and source innovation through CODE_n

12th August 2014

Company: bobsguide
In order to keep up with customer demand organisations within the financial services sector need to source innovation in new places and utilise their big data. German IT solutions providers GFT Group has grown in both size and reach throughout their 25 years in the industry. The company has gained success through strategic acquisitions and... read more

Generation innovation: how banks can respond to an increasingly mobile-savvy audience

11th August 2014

Company: Monitise
Banks are experiencing a growing tide of consumer demand for mobile banking. Mobile devices have opened the door to making finances more accessible than ever and consumers now expect non-stop, uninterrupted interaction with their money, wherever they are. What’s more, mobile banking is often no longer a simple balance check. Expectations... read more

Is big data the ‘new normal’?

8th August 2014

Company: bobsguide
Big data is a buzzword used to describe massive volumes of data (structured and unstructured) within organisations that is so large and moves so quickly that it exceeds current processing capabilities. Big data has the potential to help companies improve operations and allows them to make faster, more intelligent decisions. Driven by regulatory... read more

Alternative Investments – Why Data Management is the Key to Success

7th August 2014

Company: Taliance Ltd
The alternative investment sector is expanding rapidly and becoming more and more competitive.  Asset management is increasingly migrating into private equity and real estate. Firms are also diversifying at a rapid rate into asset classes such as infrastructure and real assets like timber, agriculture and energy. Yet, in line with this, the... read more

What is “data discovery” and how can it help your business?

6th August 2014

Company: Tableau Software
Simon Gatenby knows the power of data. In his role at Visa Europe, he oversaw data analysis for millions of electronic transactions between consumers, retailers, businesses, and governments across 26 countries. Until recently the business, like many others, struggled to get value from its data in a timely manner. It suffered from unending data... read more

6 Key Signs That Your Company Is Ready for Big Data

5th August 2014

Big data is on the rise, and IT professionals in financial services firms are turning to Apache Hadoop to improve operational efficiencies, reduce risk, analyze fraud patterns, and reduce customer churn. Let’s take a look at some key indicators that demonstrate that big data has indeed arrived at your firm’s doorstep. 1. You’re... read more

Covering all bases simultaneously – the key to effective market surveillance

4th August 2014

Company: Software AG
The succession of financial scandals and allegations of market-rigging in the last five years has raised very serious questions about fraud surveillance and prevention. Can financial institutions put in place systems that will cut out the traders who either act as lone wolves or collude with kindred crooks to rig markets or fix illegal deals? ... read more

Data requires a control cockpit for a safe landing

1st August 2014

Company: Axway
As financial organisations increasingly rely on digitised information to carry out business-critical processes, it’s becoming crucial that data has a smooth flight around the business. For every industry, from financial services to telecoms or automotive, data is at the crux of the enterprise and a timely transfer throughout the organisation... read more