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Western Union Business Solutions to sponsor FinTech Innovation Awards

5th April 2016

Company: bobsguide
Western Union Business Solutions has been confirmed as the drinks reception sponsor at the FinTech Innovation Awards, the annual celebration of the most innovative financial technology projects and pioneers. Western Union Business Solutions is a market leader in international payments, making them an ideal partner for the FIAs. Their innovative... read more

Payments (R)Evolution - Industry Insights: Traditional Banking vs. Electronic Payments

4th April 2016

Company: bobsguide
In this article, Madhvi Mavadiya takes an inside look into how large institutions have adapted to suit the digitalisation of the payments industry. bobsguide are proud to present Payments (R)evolution, a special edition magazine available for download HERE. Featuring exclusive content and in-depth conversations with... read more

Rising to the Challenge: Banking On the Future

31st March 2016

Challenger banks are having a rare time exploring what it means to be serving customers in the 21st century. Unlike established retail banks who are having to work hard to rebuild reputations and services following the 2008 crash, new entrants are up to date, fleet of foot and digitally native. Most importantly, they’re emerging at a time... read more

Infographic: What does the Future of Fintech hold?

24th March 2016

Company: bobsguide
The first three months of 2016 has already seen a 75% rise in fintech investment in comparison to last year, according to our friends over at Pivotl. And after the 71% rise in investment from 2014 to 2015, we can only expect this number to grow, especially in the payments sector with the predicted value of digital payments to be processed this year... read more

Occupy Fintech: Markit partner with IHS and FinTech Sandbox

23rd March 2016

Company: bobsguide
This week has been a big week for Markit. After the announcement of the merger between Markit and IHS, the financial information service provider has partnered with FinTech Sandbox, a non-profit organisation that helps fintech startups access data. Ed Chidsey, global head of pricing and reference data at Markit, highlighted that fintech is an... read more

Cheques, lags & fraud control: the enduring challenges in B2B payments

22nd March 2016

Company: bobsguide
Expected to be worth 1 trillion by 2020 in the US alone, B2B commerce is by any measure a lucrative market, but businesses risk being hamstrung by an outdated payments culture that continues to rely heavily on paper and manual processes. While the use of cheques is falling slowly, the continues prevalence in B2B payments offers low hanging fruit to... read more

Introducing Payments (R)evolution

15th March 2016

Company: bobsguide
The team behind PaymentEye and bobsguide are proud to present Payments (R)evolution, a special edition magazine available for download now.  Featuring exclusive content and in-depth conversations with Europe’s most exciting FinTech innovators, Payments (R)evolution is an astute examination of an industry in the midst of an incredible... read more

Infographic: Fintech hubs to watch in UK, US & EMEA

15th March 2016

Company: bobsguide
As the hype around fintech grows, cities are competing to crow the loudest about their fintech credentials. Here’s a snapshot of the hot hubs to watch this year with key stats, notable exits and who to watch. read more

How risky will the Brexit be for UK fintech?

10th March 2016

Company: bobsguide
“The biggest domestic risk to financial stability” - this is how Bank of England governor Mark Carney described how the potential Brexit would affect the UK. If the UK votes to leave in the 23rd June referendum, Carney predicts that this would result in consequences for Britain’s balance of payments with the rest of the world,... read more

No, the fintech ‘bubble’ isn’t bursting

9th March 2016

Company: bobsguide
Is the fintech bubble bursting? No. Not according to investors speaking across numerous panels and in interviews at the #execfintech conference in Frankfurt this week. Speaking on the topic of the future of fintech, investor and advisor Nasir Zubari said not only is the bubble is not bursting, but that talk of there being a bubble in fintech at... read more