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Why Brexit looks to be the key driver for the Pound in 2018

17th January 2018

Company: EQ Global
The Pound has been, and will continue to be, particularly sensitive to Brexit-related developments.  At this stage, ‘sufficient progress’ has been made in the initial divorce proceedings with a financial settlement in the region of £35-40bn, no hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and an... read more

How Santander will use Ripple to execute cross-border payments | Analysis of the deal

16th January 2018

Company: bobsguide
Ripple has caused quite a stir (we resisted the pun) in the cryptocurrency market. Recent dips and spikes of XRP, Ripple’s cryptocurrency, have caused many commentators to question the long-term durability of the currency. However, few can deny that Ripple is being closely watched by the banking goliaths, and is tipped by many to be the... read more

How blockchain and the IoT is laying the groundwork for the digital economy

15th January 2018

Company: bobsguide
Over the last few months, several pioneers in the blockchain space have spoken to bobsguide about the exciting new world of the digital economy. Indeed, we’ve experience firsthand the sort of wild speculation rife in the community. It’s very well to hear about the future changes to society but we’re interested in how those changes... read more

What will define the era of open APIs?

15th January 2018

Every time we open a banking app to make transactions or payments, Application Programming Interfaces or APIs come into play to connect to the bank servers. Though APIs function in the background, they directly impact how the apps or websites work, and are crucial to provide safe, secure and desirable banking services for the customers. With a... read more

Five ways fintech innovators are capitalising on PSD2

11th January 2018

Company: Digital Risks
2018 is a big year for financial services, with the second payment services directive – otherwise known as PSD2 – set to transform how consumers manage and spend their money. By forcing banks to share customer account and payment details with third parties – where authorised by the customer – the new... read more

What banks can do to stay relevant in the era of open banking and stricter regulations

10th January 2018

Company: Entersekt
Traditional banking as we know it is undergoing some major changes. New compliance requirements, such as the Payment Services Directive version 2 (PSD2) and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are handing more power back to the consumer, giving them more control over how and who they transact with and what happens to their... read more

AI, Big Data, Digitisation, Blockchain: The fintech that will dominate 2018

10th January 2018

Company: DataArt
Global technology consultancy DataArt expects to see a handful of financial technology (fintech) trends that emerged in 2017 to strengthen significantly in 2018. In particular, the growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the industry will be exponential for three main reasons; hugely increased opportunities for improved customer centricity;... read more

The ATM is dead – long live the ATM!

9th January 2018

Company: Compass Plus
It has been well-documented that last year was the 50th anniversary of the first ATM installation in London. Tabloid newspapers across the world have speculated over the future of this self-service device, debating everything from integration with AI and robotics down to whether there really is a long-term future for these machines in our allegedly... read more

Why banks need a single view of customer data to remain competitive

9th January 2018

Company: bobsguide
The siloed nature of traditional banks means they risk falling behind financial technology firms under the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), a Feedzai executive has warned.  “We will fairly rapidly see many large technology companies seeking to become financial services brands, just like large retailers have before... read more