The New York DFS cybersecurity regulations: Non-compliance is not an option

22nd May 2017

Company: bobsguide
Colin Domoney, Consultant Solution Architect, Veracode In the past year alone, one in five large business reported falling victim to a cyberattack, with the British Chambers of Commerce finding that bigger businesses are at greater risk of being attacked than their smaller counterparts. Over one fifth of companies reported, in the... read more

Integrated technology: Unlocking operational alpha

22nd May 2017

Company: SimCorp
Although many firms may not realise the direct link between efficient operations and portfolio growth, the relationship and opportunity is clear. An integrated platform based on a single source of truth, or an Investment Book of Record (IBOR), provides a timely, accurate and transparent view, into what the firm owns, what it is worth, and its... read more

The fintech trends supporting digital banks

19th May 2017

Company: Profile Software
Undoubtedly the financial services industry is significantly affected by the fintech evolution. Alternative finance firms, digital and challenger banks, P2P lending platforms, as well as traditional banks, adopt new technologies in order to better serve their clients. In a number of research materials, published over the past year, the need for... read more

Editor's picks: How AI is transforming banking

19th May 2017

Company: bobsguide
1. The impact of AI on fintech's future Alara Basul, Reporter, bobsguide It’s clear that artificial intelligence (AI) is already one of the defining trends in fintech in 2017 and an increasingly popular buzz word in the industry. Businesses are gradually understanding the importance and benefits of machine-learning... read more

Are intelligent contracts the ‘smarter’ way to work?

18th May 2017

Company: Seal Software
Technology is an incredibly fast-paced environment which continuously presents new opportunities to combine methods and technology on an almost daily basis. One such combination is Narrow Artificial Intelligence for contract detection and extraction of information held within physical contracts. This is brought together with ‘smart... read more

Regtech is not about competition, it’s about collaboration

18th May 2017

Company: Waymark Tech
Many banks I talk to see regtech purely as a way to beat their competitors. This is the opportunity sold to them by management consultants; advisors who trot out the line that regtech can “transform compliance into a competitive advantage”. In other words, regtech can help banks, and other regulated institutions, bash their... read more

Token CEO: “PSD2 is the best thing to happen to banking in its history”

17th May 2017

Company: bobsguide
Last month Token, a turnkey open banking platform provider that enables banks to generate revenue from PSD2, announced a $18.5m Series A funding from investors including Octopus Ventures, EQT Ventures and OP Financial Group. Token’s CEO and founder, Steve Kirsch, has lead inventions behind a myriad of ground-breaking technologies which... read more

How to use graph technology to detect money laundering

17th May 2017

Company: Neo Technology
Neo Technology’s Emil Eifrem looks at how graph technology can help governments, companies and professional fraud investigators piece together evidence against money laundering operations Money laundering happens across the globe, it underpins criminal and terrorist activities and it is on the increase leaving organisations, governments... read more

How PCI compliance is the first step in achieving the “CIA Triad”

16th May 2017

Company: Advantio
Marco Borza, CEO, Advantio When it comes to PCI DSS compliance, most organizations consider it as a one-off task, something to complete – often only after the Acquiring Banks ask to do so – and forget about once the compliance has been validated. The problem is that compliance audits only prove best-practice during a snapshot in... read more