Firms utilising risk-based approach to deal with Mifid compliance

15th November 2018

Company: bobsguide
Many firms have turned to a risk-based approach in assessing compliance capabilities to fall in line with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (Mifid), and its successor, Mifid II. That’s according to John Byrne, CEO of Corlytics who was speaking this week as part of a webinar on regulatory compliance. Mifid’s first... read more

ISO 20022: migration journey poses problems for banks

14th November 2018

Company: bobsguide
A key theme of this year’s Sibos in Sydney, Australia, ISO 20022 had its own track dedicated to it. The messaging standard has been hailed a “global success” by SWIFT, with ISO 20022 expected to support 80% of high value payments and 89% of the value of transactions worldwide in the next five years (completed by 2026), with the... read more

The malevolent finale to Mifid II

14th November 2018

Cost disclosure may well yet prove to be the most pernicious element of the EU’s entire consumer protection strategy. Part of Mifid II, these changes apply to all wealth management transactions where there is a cost of investing money in the market. Some advisers refer to the aggregated information on costs and charges that they... read more

Why data scientists solve irrelevant problems

13th November 2018

Company: Provenir
In today’s challenging financial market businesses need to utilize every available resource and technology to reduce risk when processing payments and credit applications. One area in particular that is often talked about, but still either under or incorrectly utilized, is data science. While many financial institutions are working... read more

Why we need to embrace digital HR

13th November 2018

You may feel you’ve heard the term ‘digital transformation’ discussed a lot. Maybe too much, and you couldn’t be blamed for feeling a little IT industry hype fatigue. But while you may feel slightly jaundiced about the term, the trend it describes – and the dynamic change and benefits around efficiency the term... read more

In an environment of rising rates: cash forecasting accuracy in focus

13th November 2018

Company: CashAnalytics
Last week in the US, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) held its November meeting. That meeting didn’t really contain any surprises, and most market participants still expect the next interest rate hike in December. Earlier in the year, the FOMC signalled that four rate rises were likely in 2018. We have had three so far. In... read more

Payments at a price: the true cost of in-house bank connectivity

12th November 2018

Company: Kyriba
Making payments is generally an expensive process for large organizations, in terms of both time and money. The process tends to be particularly expensive when an organization has its own in-house bank connectivity for connecting its payment systems to its bank – connectivity that is maintained either by its own internal IT function or by an... read more

CASS – audit of IT systems

12th November 2018

Company: AutoRek
It is fascinating that 10 years on from the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the Client Assets sourcebook (CASS) is still high on the regulatory agenda. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has repeatedly scrutinised CASS and enhanced standards, starting with the issuance of ‘PS14/9: Review of the client assets regime for investment... read more

Can blockchain revolutionise accountancy?

9th November 2018

Company: bobsguide
Many industries have begun experimenting with blockchain—independent of Bitcoin.  In fact, the World Intellectual Property Organization handed out 406 blockchain patents in the last year alone. And while the fate of cryptocurrency is uncertain, the tech underlying it seems to have some interesting applications (along with some... read more