A reporting tool designed for financial services, GBST Business Intelligence Reporting (BIR) offers superior business intelligence with a full range of pre-designed reports as well as the ability to generate custom reports easily.


Flexible reporting

Based on GBST’s knowledge of financial services, BIR comes with a list of out-of-the-box pre-built reports. Users also have the ability to perform ad hoc reporting requests through a simple drag and drop canvas, building reports that are specific to their business needs.


Real-time information

BIR integrates in real time with a variety of GBST product databases to provide comprehensive reporting. This tight interfacing with GBST products allows us to put a comprehensive security model in place to control access to data at the individual user level.


Intuitive design

Reports are accessed through BIR’s browser-based interface or set to run via a scheduled job, and can be exported to a variety of formats, including PDF and spreadsheets. In any case, reports are delivered in a format that is easy to read and understand.


GBST Rule S1

GBST Rule S1 helps Australian stockbrokers monitor capital liquidity requirements. It is a comprehensive tool for calculating and reporting ASX Capital Liquidity, Counterparty and Position Risk requirements directly from broker’s back office system. The solution also provides reporting of Operational Risk, Total Risk Requirement, and Total Risk Requirement to Available Liquid Capital ratio.

Reporting is provided through data-driven analytics and widgets allowing risk managers and compliance users to break down overall Capital and Margin. This is combined with a direct feed from the Clearing House to properly update security parameters for accurate predicted margin values.


End-to-end integration

BIR and Rule S1 solutions connect seamlessly with GBST Syn∽, GBST Shares, GBST MarginSuite, GBST Derivatives Client Accounting (DCA) to update calculations in real time.

Product and service specifications
• Oracle
Language used
• Java
Operating system
• HP-Unix
• Linux
• Windows 7
User interface
• Web
GBST, Reporting, Risk Management, Monitoring, Capital Liquidity