InSight CM

Eka’s InSight CM is an end-to-end transaction management platform built on a next-generation architecture suitable for a wide range of commodities in the agricultural, manufacturing, metals, and energy industries. Commodity market participants use Eka's solution to manage commodity trading, raw material procurement, risk & compliance, and supply chain & operations.

Commodity Trading

Eka’s InSight CM is a next-generation commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) and energy trading and risk management (ETRM) software solution for managing the physical and financial trading of multiple commodities. The solution includes the capability to capture "what-if" deals and analyze complex scenarios.

Companies can use InSight CM to manage the physical trading of commodities with support for various contract types, delivery options, and pricing agreements. The platform provides comprehensive management of exchange, over-the-counter (OTC), foreign exchange (FX), and interest rate (IR) derivatives.

Eka’s platform is built on a browser-based, n-tiered, highly flexible and scalable technology architecture, and available on-premise or in-cloud. The extremely fast processing power provides real-time valuation and position reporting for large transaction volumes. The next-generation CTRM/ETRM platform gives companies the ability to make better and more informed trading decisions.

Raw Material Procurement

Eka’s advanced commodity procurement platform captures, analyzes, and manages demand, budgets, forecasts, position, coverage, procurement, and hedging while providing real-time scenario and intelligence capabilities to optimize decision making. The software platform improves management of risks and exposures and is suitable for both local and global sourcing and distribution. Competitive advantage will be gained by manufacturers that implement Eka’s InSight CM to manage volatility in commodity, energy, and packaging costs.

With InSight CM, manufacturers have the ability to monitor exposures, hedge price risk, manage derivatives, and meet regulatory compliance requirements. In addition, the software platform supports procurement planning, coverage, and decision support.

Risk & Compliance

Eka’s InSight CM software platform is an advanced solution for managing risk and regulatory compliance of multiple commodities. The comprehensive risk management solution controls price, operational, regulatory, and counterparty credit risk. Eka provides real-time position and coverage visibility across physicals and derivatives, identifying exposures and enabling timely decisions and actions. Companies can capture, analyze, manage, and report transactions in real-time, giving a complete transparent view of physical and financial mark-to-market P&L. The solution provides sophisticated visualization tools to support scenario optimization, “what-if” deals, stress testing, VaR, and other advanced risk management techniques.

Derivative and physical relations are maintained for hedging and hedge accounting purposes. With Eka's InSight CM platform, organizations can meet their regulatory compliance requirements including those for Dodd-Frank, EMIR, and REMIT. The modular platform is built on a modern technology architecture that provides real-time information with configurable workflows and controls that are all fully auditable.

Supply Chain & Operations

InSight CM includes the tools to manage complex scheduling and logistics to drive greater effectiveness and efficiency. The platform supports multiple modes of transportation when tracking and optimizing movements including transmission, pipeline, truck, rail, barge, and vessel. Eka's customers can generate purchase and sales contracts, with the flexibility to manage complex pricing rules. InSight CM supports complex scheduling from origin trade straight through to final destination for all commodities including agriculture, fertilizers, chemicals, biofuels, oil, natural gas, coal, metals, and concentrates. The platform fully supports advanced scheduling and logistics including string, circle, and washout settlement processes. The platform provides schedulers with real-time data to maximize profits.

Bulk Handling

InSight CM includes support for bulk stock management, process management, task execution, and business intelligence for mining operations, grain facilities, and port terminals for all types of commodities. With Eka’s software platform, physical assets (machinery, storage locations, ports, etc.) operate at maximum efficiency in the storage or movement of physical bulk commodities — providing the most throughput for the least amount of downtime and cost. The platform maximizes the efficiency of bulk handling sites including the processing of incoming deliveries, bulk stock management, and stockpile management.

Eka Provides Solutions for These Industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Biofuels
  • Chemicals
  • Coal
  • Commodity Trading
  • Consumer Products
  • Crude & Refined Products
  • Financial Institutions
  • Food & Beverage
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Metals
  • Natural Gas
  • Power Companies & Utilities

Learn more about Eka's InSight CM commodity trading and risk management platform and what it can do for your supply, marketing, trading, and scheduling activities: download a brochure.

Product and service specifications
• Oracle
Language used
• Java
Operating system
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User interface
• Web
CTRM, ETRM, data solutions, commodity trading and risk management

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