Islamic Banking is one of the fastest growing sectors in the global financial services industry today.
Islamic banking has emerged as a new reality in the international financial scene. Even in the midst
of a global economic crisis, Islamic banks have weathered the storm proving its stability and
effectiveness. Driven by strong demand on both the individual and corporate sides, the total value
of Islamic assets now approach US$1 trillion, and the number of institutions oering Islamic financial
services is multiplying.
Banking based on Islamic principles - Shariah - has spread to all corners of the globe, irrespective of
race, nationality, or community. Now it is robust, protable, and continues to exceed expectations
with regard to growth.
Backed up by its long and extensive experience in the banking sector, ITS has developed the
contemporary ETHIX-Finance Module. ETHIX-Finance Module is designed specically to meet the
needs of Islamic Banking and Finance industry. It is fully Shariah-compliant and is exible enough to
allow for the margin of diversication between Shariah committees at dierent countries and banks.
ETHIX-Finance Module is the long sought solution from Islamic Banks and Islamic Financial
The ITS ETHIX-Finance Module is a revolutionary application that is fully exible, easy to use,
adaptable, and user configurable to allow organizations who use it to innovate and focus on
creating new products & services and market them in record-breaking time. The concepts of short
“Time to Market” and “Low Cost of Ownership” were some of the main concepts that went into the
main design of ETHIX-Finance Module. Organizations who decide to use ETHIX-Finance Module will
have the edge of swift adaptation in this dynamic industry.

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