Misys FusionBanking Essence Online

Smart features to build customer relationships and revenues

Banking is no longer somewhere you go – it's something you do. Misys FusionBanking Essence Online is designed for a world where digital has become the primary channel for transactions.

As a market, online banking has matured. It’s no longer enough for a bank to promote itself on the range of its transactions alone. Today, digital is the primary channel for transactions – 91% of banks surveyed by EFMA agree. Today’s banks understand that service design starts from digital. They have to compete not only with other banks but also with the rising expectations of customers. Those expectations have been set by Apple, Facebook and Google.

FusionBanking Essence Online is a complete advanced banking solution that reduces your costs by taking transactions out of the branch. At the same time, it protects your customer relationships by opening up cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. The system supports customer self-service with advanced personal financial management tools. And it’s also available pre-integrated with Misys core banking systems – enabling you to get to market faster.

Find more about Misys FusionBanking Essence Online here: http://www.misys.com/solutions/fusionbanking/digital-channels/fusionbanking-essence-online/

Product and service specifications
• Oracle
Language used
• Java
Operating system
• HP-Unix
• Linux
• Solaris
Pricing structure
• Other
User interface
• Web
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