Misys FusionCapital Kondor

Fast, profitable and efficient treasury trading unleashed

Consistently a winner of awards, FusionCapital Kondor is a best of breed trading system. It brings you the ability to trade high volumes of treasury while offering the flexibility to support more complex derivatives, options and structured trades.
FusionCapital Kondor supports efficient, profitable treasury trading, globally. You can standardise and integrate your trading and risk platform without losing sight of the demands of customers, regulators and markets. It enables you to reduce cost per trade with true straight-through processing (STP), creating complete integration from front to back office across the full range of treasury trading instruments. With FusionCapital Kondor you can benefit from impressive levels of trade automation, with up to 95% STP.
This is why FusionCapital Kondor has one of the largest installed bases worldwide, with more than 400 clients. Financial institutions operating in 70 countries around the world know that they have a global system with local expertise to help them pursue growth while simultaneously taking care of risk and compliance.
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