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Imaged Check Processing

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Imaged Check Processing

Clear2Pay’s next generation image exchange solution is flexible, scalable and designed to evolve in conjunction with the industry. Our solution provides an efficient and cost effective migration path from your legacy systems that can evolve with your corporation’s long term strategy. We provide the tools for today and the framework for tomorrow.

Clear2Pay’s Imaged Based Check Processing (IBCP) solution provides a single collection point for all of a financial institution’s check originated payment types including:

  • Point of Sale: check receipt or POS conversion
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Back Office Conversion (BOC)
  • Lockbox Conversion (ARC)
  • Teller and Branch Capture
  • Internal Check Processing Sites
  • Image Cash Letters

Upon receipt of the image based instruction, our flexible architecture provides the ability to aggregate like payments, facilitate least cost routing and output clearing files based on customer specific instructions.

More info on the Clear2Pay Imaged Check Processing solution page.

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Imaged Check Processing
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Clear2Pay (650 staff) is a payments modernisation company facilitating financial organisations in their provision of payments services across the entire value and process chain: Card, ACH, Branch, Bulk, High Care and International Payments through its SOA Open Payment Framework (OPF). XCelent Customer Base 2010 award.

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