Morningstar® Indexes

Morningstar® Indexes - Every major asset class from one provider.

  • 100+ indexes in eight families
  • Constructed for pure exposure to each asset type
  • Ideal for benchmarking and building distinct investment products

For firms creating new investment products, Morningstar now offers indexes that span all
major asset categories, plus the Asset Allocation Indexes to evaluate and develop target date
and target risk investments. Built on transparent, rules-based methodologies and original
research, our index families deliver pure and precise exposure to stocks, bonds, commodities, and target date funds. The eight index families are constructed based on the same underlying principles, allowing them to act as seamless, discrete guidelines for planning
holistic portfolios.

Asset managers license our indexes as the foundation for investments such as exchange traded funds, positioning their portfolios to capitalize on market trends. Institutional
investors and investment consultants use them for benchmarking, analyzing performance, allocating assets, and monitoring the markets.

Morningstar Indexes appear in nearly every Morningstar product, playing a role in
functionality such as attribution analysis and benchmarking. Timely commentaries and
tools like the Morningstar Market BarometerSM help advisors and investors better understand the market.

View current index data and request free market commentary reports by clicking here.

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