Misys FusionBanking Message Manager

The future of financial messaging to adapt to changing standards

Adapting to constant change can be a drain on operations. This evolution is made complex by incumbent payment applications across multiple entities and business lines. How can you adapt without major systems re-engineering, and modernise your payment environment to react quickly and cost effectively to changing standards such as ISO 20022?
FusionBanking Message Manager is the future of financial messaging; an advanced, thin client, standards-based, Java EE application covering every messaging requirement you may face. It is used by banks to remove silos, modernise and protect legacy applications and implement new standards, fast. The system has reduced time to market for new developments; controlled costs for our clients and helped banks adapt quickly to regulatory and market changes.
With over 25 years as a SWIFT partner, Misys is one of the world's largest generators of SWIFT messages, from more than 1,000 sites worldwide. The solution can be deployed to meet a specific service requirement ( SWIFTNet FileAct, for instance), or as a global messaging hub across multiple sites, time zones, applications, networks and standards.


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