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Ashmore continues i-Recs Roll-out

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The Ashmore Group has extended its use of the i-Recs reconciliation system to Ashmore EMM its Washington based investment firm.

Supplied by Watson Wheatley Financial Systems (WWFS) i-Recs was initially implemented in Ashmore’s London Office during 2011 where it is used to reconcile positions, cash balances, trades and cash flows across the majority of funds and a wide range of asset classes.

“Having evaluated several reconciliation tools we were impressed by the close fit between i-Recs’ functionality and our very specific reconciliation needs and were convinced this was the scalable and flexible reconciliation platform we needed to support a large and diverse business.” said Alex Duncan Head of UK Operations for Ashmore Investment Management.

WWFS Director Duncan Wheatley added “We are encouraged by the enthusiasm at Ashmore for our i-Recs product and delighted to see it is delivering the operational control our client wanted and also to see its use extended to other offices.”

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