Panopticon Releases New Version of its Enterprise Web-Deployed Visual Business Intelligence Software

Stockholm, Sweden - 19 February 2008

Panopticon Software, the leading provider of visual business intelligence software, today announced that it has released a new generation of Panopticon Enterprise - a product targeting companies that want to deploy visual analytics and monitoring of streaming real-time business information to business users yet have central administration and control of the data.

The software is available in.NET and Java implementations. It combines the company's advanced interactive visualization technology with a set of very well thought-out deployment and configuration tools that make it useful in a wide variety of business environments, including:
• Enterprise Risk
• Trade Monitoring
• Portfolio Attribution & Risk
• Fixed Income
• Analytics
• Sales & Portfolio Management
• CRM Analytics
• Sales performance within Retail
• Fraud management and revenue assurance within Telecom

Panopticon Enterprise offers three clients to support every possible set of requirements: Thin-client HTML, rich Java applets and .NET fat client. The software is very scalable and easy to administer and requires minimal on-going IT support.

Panopticon Enterprise has a service-oriented architecture in this new release. The unique web services architecture supports transfer of XML data through the ports reserved for HTTP streams. Panopticon Enterprise is therefore the only product on the market that provides a completely secure way to let users interactively visualize real-time streaming data in their browsers.

The new version of Panopticon Enterprise join the December release of Panopticon Explorer v1.4, which added support for Bloomberg real-time streaming data in addition to real-time streaming feeds from Reuters and Sonic MQ, and the February release of Panopticon Developer .NET v5.0, which added support for three new time series visualizations.
Clients using Panopticon's Enterprise product include ArcelorMittal, Citi, Fidelity, Polystar and HSBC.

Robert Ekström, CEO of Panopticon, said, "These new products are major advances in helping our customers go from having to make decisions based on historic data to being able to act on knowledge gained from the large flows of information in real time. We are particularly proud to have been able to further enhance our software's ability to handle real-time data streams; we are simply the only choice available for customers who must see true real-time data in a web-deployed application."

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