Milestone Group launches in North America

Boston, MA - 1 October 2007

Milestone Group, the only global software and solutions partner able to deliver its full suite of products on Business Application Platforms utilizing BI/BPM/SOA, will be unveiling their flagship funds processing, and investment analytics products in the US market in October at the Las Vegas NICSA Technology Summit – Innovation in Motion.

Milestone Group’s market analysis indicates that there will be a continuation of the current global boom in assembled products. Ongoing product innovation will fuel increased pressure on margins and will drive further operational complexity. It is expected that this trend will impose an increased burden on legacy systems that are already struggling as companies continue to automate to drive through efficiency initiatives and deal with related operational demands spanning data management, processing, analytics and dynamic reporting.

Milestone Group is seen as an innovator and market leader in simplifying and overcoming these issues, with its solutions bringing a powerful market leading approach to achieving new levels of ‘end to end’ business efficiency, capability and process control.

The pControl and pQuant products that Milestone Group will be unveiling at the Las Vegas NICSA conference incorporate the latest Java technology but more importantly embrace components of all the latest processing technologies (SOA, BPM and BI) to deliver to clients an application processing platform that effectively brings stability, scalability, and transparency to an organisation’s business functions. The products deliver full control to the flow and quality of data and processes via a scalable architecture that is pre configured with rules which can be modified by clients to fit specific processing requirements.

By utilizing Milestone Group’s pControl and pQuant applications, clients are able to operationalize and scale functions that may not be well served with traditional systems or may even be currently augmented with spreadsheets or semimanual processes. The approach leverages existing core platforms and is designed to deliver a progressive commitment to change, rather than ‘big bang’.

This allows businesses to focus on today’s efficiency and control priorities and then, through time, realise a progressively strategic solution as options open up to add and replace applications in a common environment.

A key feature of Milestone Group products is that many features normally requiring separate systems are available as an integrated capability of the products. These include reconciliations, process management/workflow, SLA monitoring, production dashboards and exception escalation/notifications. These features can be used directly to deliver superior business performance or interact with enterprise BI or other technologies.

Geoff Hodge group CEO and co-founder of Milestone Group has this to say about the launch, “Milestone has been successfully building up a core stable of tier one global clients in the funds processing and investment analytics space over the last five years. As a result of our success in the offshore markets we have also received an unprecedented amount of interest from a number of US based institutions, especially this year. This interest and our continued success has swayed us to change our original plans of launching in 2008 and to bring this forward to this year. The NICSA Technology Summit and the theme being put forward “Innovation in Motion” is an ideal and very apt catch phrase for what our products offer and is an ideal place for the Milestone Group to launch ourselves onto the US market.”

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