Peach announce new conflict management methodology

London – 13 June 2007

The CEO of Peach, a compliance, risk and change management company in the UK, today announced the release of this unique methodology. The methodology is based on the Author’s 34 year-experience and know-how that have helped blue chip company executives and government agencies to save or increase revenue by an estimated 250-300 million US dollars, while successfully dealing with conflict management and stress, brought about by drastic changes.

Conflict Stress-less Management (CSM) methodology has been developed and deployed to tackle one of the major issues often swept under the carpet and insufficiently discussed. This is the conflict and stress brought about by the implementation of user-unfriendly compliance mandates and very rigid and complex systems such as (but not limited to) SAP-ERP, CRM and other leading applications. New ways of working and a ‘new world order’ of mergers and acquisitions is an added burden on such corporations. Murphy’s law and its corollaries are in action when new systems and procedures are introduced, as conflict between departments and individuals raises its ugly head. Conflict resolution and stress relieving techniques, including on-the-job counselling become a necessity for executives and staff alike. Companies lose millions due to growing absenteeism, conflict and stress-related illness, low morale and poor performance. But it does not have to be so. Peach has developed Conflict Stress-less Management (CSM) methodology, to deal with the issues involved. Like all other Peach methodologies, no special software is involved; it’s all based on Microsoft Office applications.

The Institute of Management Specialists in the UK accredits Peach’s proven and successful techniques and training courses. BCA and other blue chip clients have hired Peach to examine their HR issues and ways of working to improve them. After fit-gap analysis, identification and rectification of shortcomings, Peach helps their clients to attain their goals with its unique techniques, and subsequently delivers the desired outcome as ‘fit for purpose’.

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