SpreadsheetGear Releases New Microsoft Excel Compatible Windows Forms Spreadsheet Control

LENEXA, KS, July 6th, 2006 - Today, SpreadsheetGear LLC announced the immediate availability of SpreadsheetGear for .NET 2006, a royalty free Microsoft Excel compatible spreadsheet component built by industry veterans for any Microsoft .NET Framework solution. SpreadsheetGear for .NET 2006 features the fastest and most complete Excel compatible calculation engine and adds rich new WorkbookView, FormulaBar, WorkbookDesigner, WorkbookExplorer and RangeExplorer components, giving Microsoft .NET developers the ability to create, read, modify, view, edit, format, calculate, print and write Microsoft Excel workbooks without Excel.

“With SpreadsheetGear for .NET 1.0, we enabled developers from six continents representing large and small companies from every major industry group to deliver richly formatted Excel reports, evaluate complex Excel based models and business rules, as well as dynamically move data and formatting between Excel workbooks and virtually any other form. SpreadsheetGear for .NET 2006 builds upon this solid foundation with rich Windows Forms controls which demonstrate that Visual Studio 2005 and the Microsoft .NET Framework are ready to build high performance mission critical Windows applications,” said Joe Erickson, Founder and CEO, SpreadsheetGear LLC.

"We just wanted you to know how thrilled we are by the performance we are seeing with SpreadsheetGear for .NET 2006. A 6,000 KB Excel workbook is loading into the WorkbookView control in less than a second,” said Amy Tate, Chief .NET Architect of Applied OLAP, Inc. “This is over 100 times faster than other controls we’ve tested. That difference makes it possible for us to develop and release a viable product with the Microsoft .NET Framework."

“The new Windows Forms Spreadsheet Controls included with SpreadsheetGear for .NET 2006 enable developers using VB6 or Java in conjunction with controls such as the Microsoft OWC Spreadsheet, Formula One ActiveX or Formula One for Java to move forward and take advantage of the productivity of Visual Studio 2005, the security and performance of the Microsoft .NET Framework, the richness of Visual Studio Tools for Office and the integrated team collaboration capabilities of Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server,” according to Terry Erickson, Chief Software Architect, SpreadsheetGear LLC.

SpreadsheetGear for .NET 2006 Key Features
-The fastest and most complete Microsoft Excel compatible calculation engine available.
-Create, read, modify, view, edit, format, calculate, print, and write Microsoft Excel workbooks without Excel.
-Windows Forms Spreadsheet Control with FormulaBar, WorkbookDesigner, WorkbookExplorer and RangeExplorer.
-Visual Studio 2005 Windows Forms Designer integration, IntelliSense and Dynamic Help.
-The security of 100 percent safe managed code.

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