StorageTek Unveils Flexline(tm) Online Storage Systems And Next-Generation Disk Architectures

New Storage Systems, Disk Arrays and Manageability Options Address Customers' Infrastructure Needs for Information Lifecycle Management
LOUISVILLE, Colo. and SAN ANTONIO (FORUM) - Oct. 12, 2004 - Customers have spoken, and StorageTek is doing more than just listening. Before more than 1,000 customer companies, StorageTek unveiled the future of Online Storage.

Today at FORUM, its annual customer conference, StorageTek® (Storage Technology Corporation, NYSE:STK), the leading provider of enterprise information lifecycle management, unveiled its new FlexLine(tm) online storage systems designed to provide the foundation for an adaptable, agile disk-based storage infrastructure. New FlexLine enterprise information lifecycle management solutions provide customers with a choice from virtual, monolithic storage systems to high-performance, access-centric to cost-effective, capacity-centric disk-based storage. All of which present customers with more storage options for greater freedom and flexibility when defining, assessing and determining solutions to address their information management needs.

"Information lifecycle management has been, and continues to be, about choice," said StorageTek Chairman, President and CEO Patrick J. Martin. "Our customers demand the most cost-effective and efficient choice for their mission critical data, whether that be tape or disk. Today, StorageTek is broadening the choices for customers. Now companies can take advantage of the latest advancements in disk-based storage systems to store the right data in the right place at the right time."

Introduction of StorageTek's FlexLine disk portfolio offers customers clear options for their online storage requirements. Among the new offerings in the FlexLine family of disk-based information lifecycle management solutions are the 2-gigabit-per-second Fibre Channel-switched FlexLine(tm) FLA300 access-centric disk array and FlexLine FLX210 storage system. New and current offerings are enabled by SANtricity(tm) 9.1 software suite for FlexLine 200 and 300 Series storage systems that allows customers to mix different drive types in the same system, while increasing their disaster recovery/business continuance capabilities through asynchronous, remote disk-to-disk mirroring.

With the new FlexLine FLA300 disk array, enterprise customers can realize up to a 70 percent increase in IOP performance over the existing FLA200 disk arrays. The introduction of the FlexLine FLX210 storage system offers customers performance, scalability, RAID protection and 2-gigabit-per-second end-to-end connectivity. The FLX210 is ideally suited for smaller environments that require cost-effective primary and secondary storage for entry-level capacity, and supports up to 14 SATA disk drives internally and scales to 112 SATA disk drives in total. The FLX210 extends StorageTek's portfolio of controllers, which includes the FLX240 for the mid-range, and the FLX280 for enterprise customers.

Along with the FLA300 and FLX210, StorageTek unveiled the successor to its BladeStore-based architecture with a preview of the FlexLine 600 Series capacity-centric storage systems. FlexLine 600 Series systems mark a ground-breaking extension of StorageTek's innovative and award-winning BladeStore product family. Based on an intelligent storage processor and new blade design, FlexLine 600 Series storage systems use cost-effective SATA drives that scale in increments of 500 gigabytes (2 drives on one blade) for granular system growth, with a low capacity entry point of 3 Terabytes. With FlexLine 600 Series systems, customers gain the benefits of an optimized storage system with policy-based administration that assists them in reducing resources required for day-to-day storage management.

"We designed the FlexLine 600 Series storage systems with excellence in data protection in mind and as a cost-effective choice for online storage of fixed content information," said JR Roedel, StorageTek senior director, Information Lifecycle Management Solutions. "FlexLine 600 Series storage systems take customers to the next level of enterprise information lifecycle management, offering a capacity-centric, enterprise-class online storage system with scalability, superior reliability, simplified management and, high throughput performance."

All existing and new StorageTek disk products will be branded as StorageTek FlexLine online storage systems. Existing V-Series disk systems will become FlexLine V-Series storage systems, which are distinguished by virtual, monolithic technology for the most storage-intensive applications requiring unique replication and enterprise management. Existing D-Series(tm) and B-Series(tm) storage systems will be rebranded as FlexLine(tm) 200 Series and 300 Series storage systems. These systems are modular and are built for IOPS and transaction-intensive operations, delivering extremely fast access to data. FlexLine 200 Series and 300 Series storage systems also support capacity-centric disk arrays, including both SATA and Blade architectures, allowing customers to mix Fibre Channel and ATA arrays in the same subsystem. StorageTek's FlexLine 200 Series and 300 Series storage systems support the broadest range of drive arrays in the industry.

For Advanced Financial Solutions, a provider of image-based processing, payment and transaction software technology, whose customers range from banks to retailers and utilities, StorageTek's BladeStore product family enhancements optimize the performance of its application suites. "At Advanced Financial Solutions, we strive to find new and innovative ways to meet our customers' demanding processing standards, often requiring throughput rates of 2,000 to 2,400 document images per minute per scanner," said Jeff Vetterick, vice president of marketing, Advanced Financial Solutions. "We continue to be impressed with BladeStore's high image retrieval performance, ease of management, scalability, and seamless fit into our existing storage architecture. In addition, the price/performance ratio of the Bladestore family validates that this is an ideal solution to manage our customers' information through its lifecycle."

"StorageTek continues to align their product portfolio to enhance Information Lifecycle Management offered to their customers," said Randy Kerns, Senior Partner at Evaluator Group. "With the new FlexLine solution set, companies evaluating their current storage infrastructure needs have a broad and comprehensive set of options available to meet their virtual, access and capacity-centric demands."

In connection with StorageTek's FlexLine online storage systems, StorageTek has a portfolio of Support Services and Professional Services offerings. StorageTek's Implementation Services include installation and configuration, addressing interoperability needs with a single point of accountability. With baseline implementation for disk storage systems, StorageTek helps customers quickly realize full functionality, utilization and integration of FlexLine solutions into their existing storage environment.


FlexLine FLA300 switched array, and FLX210 storage system and SANtricity 9.1 software suite for FlexLine 200 Series and 300 Series storage systems are available immediately. FlexLine 600 Series storage system is expected to be available in the first half of 2005.

All of StorageTek's information lifecycle management solutions are available through a network of value added distributors, value added resellers and partners as well as direct through local StorageTek sales teams.

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