Preparing for and capitalizing on ISO 20022

30th September 2020

Company: Finastra
With the move to ISO 20022 being hailed as the biggest change to the payments sector in the last 20 years, it is now wonder that banks are keen to find out how they can take advantage of this, as well as deal with the challenges and opportunities it will bring. In our latest white paper we hear from SWIFT, Infosys, and Barclays as they discuss how... read more

White paper: Adopting Agile Work Practices at Scale in European Capital Markets

28th September 2020

Company: Murex
Agile is a methodology used by organizations to increase the speed, flexibility and quality of IT software and product delivery. Agile methodology work practices are now increasingly being adopted by all kinds of organizations. Murex contributed perspective to this AFME paper, which explores the adoption of agile work practices at scale within the... read more

Evolution of ATM Acquiring Software

25th September 2020

Company: Auriga
Traditional ATM Acquiring architecture needs an infrastructure upgrade to be able to remain relevant within the context of an increasingly wide range of digital channels and changing customer behaviours. Happily, technology has evolved and a Channel Integration model has emerged which looks to be able to solve many of the problems that ATMs are... read more

What to Look for When Selecting a Treasury Management System

21st September 2020

As modern bank treasury managers have had to respond to increasing demands being placed on them, it has led to a sub-optimal Treasury Management System (TMS) strategy being deployed, especially when having to cope with their trading staff having to work remotely. Access to real-time systems that allow for active monitoring of P&L, position... read more

The Future of Money Management

8th September 2020

Company: Nucoro
Consumers are seeking financial support now more than ever. Financial services have a unique window of opportunity to form lifelong relationships with their customers by providing money management solutions that help them meet their goals. Nucoro has created a three-part series which delves into the opportunity in saving and investing and how... read more

Consolidate Compliance Technology to Reduce Cost and Risk

31st August 2020

Get a free copy of our white paper: Why Less is More - Consolidate Compliance Technology to Reduce Cost and Risk. Having robust compliance technology greatly empowers compliance teams, helping departments manage risks much more effectively. By integrating and consolidating technology, firms can reduce the cost of delivering their compliance program... read more

Lending in the New Normal

28th August 2020

Company: Finastra
Millions of people who were office-based are now working from home. But what does this mean for lending? In our new white paper, we explore what lending in the 'new normal' looks like. A crisis where digitized businesses thrive is likely to lead to a world where digitization accelerates rapidly. This will have implications for everything from the... read more

The Alchemy of Banking - Asset and Liability Management

25th August 2020

As banks face increased competition alongside higher capital requirements coupled with a decrease in spreads, many banks will be looking to mismatch asset and liability maturities to generate a “secret sauce” to generate higher margins. Implementing a strong solution to define, measure, monitor and manage liquidity and interest rate risk is... read more

Whitepaper: Pathways to Operations Control Value

21st August 2020

With increasing regulatory and market pressures in the capital markets industry, executives need access to accurate, enterprise-wide data for insightful decision-making. However, most firms find they spend too much time and too many resources collecting and reconciling data, and not enough time analyzing data to improve operations and mitigate... read more

Financial transaction tax: The automation tipping point

19th August 2020

Company: GBST
With financial transaction taxes (FTT) on the agenda for Spain, the EU and the US, capital markets firms could be facing a major compliance and operational challenge. Download our latest whitepaper for insight into the FTT challenge and how technology can help firms respond to the pace, scale and complexity of these taxe. read more