White paper: Reaping the Benefits of Agility in Capital Markets

29th July 2020

Company: Murex
In the fast-evolving capital markets, technology needs to be up to date, scalable and able to cope with the heavy demands. With legacy infrastructures struggling to meet the challenges, adopting a DevOps approach to your technology can help you compete, improving quality, enhancing predictability and increasing flexibility. In this paper, we share... read more

High-Performance Microservices using Java

23rd July 2020

Company: Azul
It is clear that the direction of software development is primarily moving to the Cloud and using Microservices as a way to do this in a flexible, scalable manner. This white paper illustrates why Java is the obvious choice for Microservices, as it has a number of distinct advantages over other languages. However, by using a traditional JVM,... read more

Best Practices for Moving to OpenJDK

23rd July 2020

Company: Azul
This whitepaper explains what Zulu is and how to migrate applications from the Oracle JDK to the Zulu builds of OpenJDK. We have also appended a series of links from the Oracle and Azul websites to help you understand your Java support alternatives. read more

Expanding the Horizons of Fraud Detection

23rd July 2020

Company: ACI Worldwide
Discover how network intelligence is driving unprecedented collaboration in the fight against payments fraud read more

Four scenarios for Blockchain in Capital Markets

23rd July 2020

Company: GBST
Blockchain technologies are being investigated by many in the industry to rebuild and disrupt the way the market operates. These technologies could potentially remove many of the inefficiencies and costs inherent in today’s market infrastructure. The question is “by how much”? Recognising the effectiveness of Blockchain technologies also... read more

eBook: Achieving Digital Differentiation Through Payments Risk Management

22nd July 2020

Company: ACI Worldwide
Achieving Digital Differentiation Through Payments Risk Management ACI’s latest eBook explores how a strong payments risk management strategy can enable financial institutions to mitigate cost pressures on digital transactions and capture growth. The three recommend areas of focus are: • Democratizing access to machine learning and leveraging... read more

Contract Lifecycle Management - Whitepaper

22nd July 2020

EASY Contract is the modern, web-based contract management software which you can use to create contracts, work on them as a team, digitally sign contracts and finally file them away. All contracts are managed and processed centrally and without any inconsistencies in media format. This whitepaper provides recommendations for sales, legal,... read more

Top 5 Considerations for Online Customer Onboarding in Financial Services

22nd July 2020

Company: iProov
Online banking continues to grow. According to the latest EY Global FinTech Adoption Index, 71% of UK consumers and 46% of US consumers had used at least two digital financial services in 2019, up from 14% and 17% respectively in 2015. Savings, payments, borrowing and budgeting are all moving online. The challenge for financial institutions is... read more

High Performance Computing in the cloud POV from GFT

25th June 2020

Company: GFT
High Performance Computing (HPC) refers to the discipline of aggregating computing power in the way it delivers much higher performance and throughput. It enables users to get significantly more out of a typical desktop computer, workstation or server in order to solve large problems in the areas of science, engineering or (as is most relevant to... read more

Solving the UMR Puzzle

23rd June 2020

Company: Calypso
Feedback from participants in the first four UMR phases suggests that providing the data required for ISDA SIMM in the correct format is not a straightforward process, while many smaller firms coming in-scope for UMR in phases 5 and 6 are finding it a very real challenge indeed. One reason is the difficulty of pulling together all the data... read more