Do low interest rates really hurt banks’ profitability?

17th December 2019

Company: Prometeia
Prometeia finds that the sign of the impact strongly depends on banks' ability to transmit negative rates to deposits read more

Open banking and the cloud

12th December 2019

Company: GFT
Open banking and cloud technology are very closely entwined. Their growth will inevitably progress in parallel. Banks that wish to capitalise on the open banking opportunity will adopt strategic cloud solutions and as open banking develops, cloud technology will move from useful to essential. This paper examines open banking as a catalyst of... read more

White Paper | Three Technologies Increasing the Speed of Treasury

10th December 2019

Company: BELLIN
This white paper, "Three Technologies Increasing the Speed of Treasury", takes a look at 3 emerging technologies that are evolving the treasury industry. read more

Meeting the challenges: Compliance and obligations across regulatory regimes

4th December 2019

This year, in partnership with Bobsguide, Inforalgo conducted a survey to find out the key compliance burdens facing market participants within some of the most prominent regulatory regimes, and how they’re dealing with them. Some clear trends have surfaced in our research, so download the report today to read more. read more

PSD2 SCA: Strong Criminal Apprehension

26th November 2019

A Fraud Implications infopaper. How is Open Banking and PSD2 changing criminal, merchant and customer behaviour? Fraudsters thrive in disjointed, siloed environments, and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) plays a pivotal role in confounding their efforts. Yet it has also caused member states last-minute jitters as they move to implement the... read more

FreedomPay - Re-imagining loyalty through payment systems

9th October 2019

Company: FreedomPay
Loyalty customers are always asked to prove who they are or to remember a membership number; it's no wonder their desire to engage soon disappears. Members of loyalty programs typically spend between 12 - 18% more annually than non-loyalty program members, according to Accenture. And yet, many programs lack the digital architecture to satisfy the... read more

GENERATION Z - The Next Wave of Customers for Banks

3rd October 2019

Company: Auriga
For a decade or more, banks have been targeting the Millennial customer born between 1980 and 1994. But today Millennials are as likely to be senior managers within many retail banks. So perhaps attention should shift to the next wave of new customers called Generation Z? This white paper explores Generation Z, their behaviours, attitudes to... read more

White Paper -Sharpening the Competitive Edge: A Tier 2 / Tier 3 Bank Perspective

3rd October 2019

Sharpening the Competitive Edge: A Tier 2 / Tier 3 Bank Perspective read more

How Reinsurers Can Achieve Strategic Growth in a Challenging Landscape

24th September 2019

The latest statistics show that the reinsurance market is both robust and healthy from a supply-side economics point-of-view, with record levels of capital. As pressure from investors increase, insurers are becoming less tolerant of missed earnings targets, with reinsurance used increasingly for earnings protection and volatility reduction. In... read more

Investing in the Automation Revolution

18th September 2019

Company: AutoRek
Our whitepaper, delivered in conjunction with WBR Insights, surveyed 100 senior financial services professionals to find out more about how data management fits into ongoing tech and regulatory changes within the financial services. Our paper looks in-depth at: -The cost of non-compliance -Brexit and its influence on attitudes towards data... read more