Free eBook: The Benefits of Real-Time Intraday Liquidity Management

2nd February 2021

Company: Planixs
Banks and financial institutions influenced by intraday liquidity regulations have an opportunity to build a stronger, competitive position by improving their current liquidity management processes. Mastering Intraday Liquidity Management (ILM) offers benefits beyond compliance. Enhanced performance and operations, along with improved risk... read more

FRTB: Banks’ Regulatory Capital Calculations Just Got More Complicated

29th January 2021

Company: alveo
Explore the impact of FRTB. Authors from ICE Data Services, Alveo, Baker McKenzie, LLP, and Capital Markets Advisors, LLC address different aspects of FRTB including capital optimization and data modellability, the legal perspective, market data integration issues, banking/trading book boundary considerations and governance requirements. read more

Leveraging real-time payments digital ecosystems: Benefit from expanded access

28th January 2021

Company: Bottomline
Explore trends in payment system access models & examine how the move toward open access can enable the next-generation of payment services. The 4 steps to success: • Choose the correct RTP model for your business • Build the RTP business case • Select the right implementation approach for your strategy • Transform your RTP strategy into... read more

Analysts Research: Capital Markets Top Data Management Challenges

26th January 2021

Company: InterSystems
Aite Group, a global research and advisory firm focused on the financial services industry, recently surveyed executives at global capital markets firms about the impact of data architecture and data management on their business. Based on the survey results, Aite Group produced two research white papers examining why firms need to invest in data... read more

Build multi-party solutions to accelerate innovation

21st January 2021

Company: R3
In today’s digital world there is a growing demand for software vendors to capitalize on the latest technology and pass along innovation to their customers. In this eGuide R3 explores key opportunities for software vendors to build applications that solve significant business challenges and operational inefficiencies in the way the world... read more

How Banks are Fighting Back Against Disruptors With Real-time Payment Platforms

19th January 2021

Recent years have seen disruptors enter the cross-border payment space causing banks to lose grip on a significant revenue stream. Surveys indicate that banks account for less than 65% of today's market share and more than half of these customers are unhappy. Conversely, it has been reported that fintech solution providers are offering superior... read more

Explaining Trading Benefits in the Peer Universe

18th January 2021

This document explains the trading benefits that happens when a manager is able to beat the mid-rate at a point in time, or an average of mid-rates over a window of time. Obviously, this can happen easily on a single trade with no timestamp measured vs. a benchmark like full-day ITAP (Interval Time Average Price), but how does it happen still when... read more

Optimising Cash Management in a Challenging World

15th January 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted global enterprises who have seen a downfall in products and services, which in turn has placed a sharp focus on organisations’ cash visibility. This paper seeks to explore some of the traditional and non-traditional cash management tools corporate treasury departments have adopted in their quest to... read more

Whitepaper: Making Real-Time Payments a Reality

15th January 2021

Company: ACI Worldwide
Immediate Payments Learnings from Around the World: With many markets already in advanced stages of immediate payments adoption and value realization, there’s a wealth of lessons at hand for banks, processors, acquirers and fintechs. In this whitepaper, explore how financial institutions can leverage important learnings from their predecessors... read more

Overcoming Data Management Challenges in Capital Markets

12th January 2021

Company: InterSystems
Artificial Intelligence(AI) has huge potential to augment and transform current market practices, but organizations need to make sure they are laying the groundwork for successful implementation by considering the underlying data infrastructure required to turn these technology ambitions into reality. In this white paper, Firebrand Research... read more