XBRL reporting: A comprehensive out-of-the-box reporting solution

21st October 2014

Company: AxiomSL
An XBRL reporting solution should enable firms to quickly meet any taxonomy requirements worldwide, such as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), COREP and FINREP, Liquidity (LCR and NSFR), Solvency II, Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), etc. AxiomSL's 'one-platform' approach does just this, while ensuring that... read more

Q&A with Imagine Software around Customized Risk and Compliance Platform

25th September 2014

In July, Rothschild and Larch Lane jointly launched a liquid alternative fund, and in doing so, the hedge fund firms selected a customized risk and compliance platform from Imagine. Scott Sherman, a founding partner of Imagine and global head of sales and business development, explains how the technology necessary for these vehicles differs from... read more

Hedge Fund Technology: Competitive Advantage for Tomorrow

18th September 2014

Company: StatPro Group
The hedge fund industry stands on an inflection point. Whilst hedge funds are shedding their niche status and assets under management are growing fast, only the brightest funds will manage to leverage today’s challenges of spiraling costs, increasing client expectations, and a rising global compliance bill, to create competitive advantages for... read more

The Era of Big Data – Implications for Investment Managers

21st August 2014

Company: INDATA
Big data is everywhere. From an IT perspective, it is one of the most discussed topics within the general IT industry. The purpose of this white paper is to impart a general understanding about big data and what it means for investment management firms, while also providing an intellectual framework for evaluating investment software systems and... read more

The rise and fall of a fraudulent transaction

3rd June 2014

Company: Compass Plus
How a multi-layered approach can combat the constantly changing threats from financial fraudsters. read more

Making EMV Work Across New Markets

3rd June 2014

Company: Compass Plus
A Compass Plus guide to successful EMV implementation in the United States. read more

A clearer view... Security, Compliance and the cloud

9th May 2014

Company: SS&C
By now any investment firm that depends heavily on systems and data has heard the case for the cloud. And it is compelling. No big investment in onsite infrastructure. No physical servers taking up space. Lower your total cost of ownership. Better scalability and workplace flexibility. Reduced risk in the event of a workplace disaster. A... read more

The Changing Face of Mobile Payments - An overview of the mobile revolution

2nd April 2014

Company: PaymentEye
Smartphone adoption is rapidly increasing in both developed and emerging markets across the globe. Many industry analysts have predicted that 5.4 billion smartphone handsets will be in circulation worldwide by 2015. This is expected to spur buoyant growth for various mobile-enabled services, especially mobile payments, or m-payments. Experts are... read more

Mobile Banking: One size doesn’t fit all

1st February 2013

Company: Compass Plus
A best practice guide to developing and implementing a successful mobile banking service. read more

How 'Eurograbber' attack stole 36M euros from banking customers across Europe

6th December 2012

Company: bobsguide
Check Point, the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, and Versafe, a private developer of security applications, has revealed how a sophisticated malware attack was used to steal an estimated Euro 36 million (GBP 30M) from over 30,000 customers of over 30 banks in Italy, Spain, Germany and Holland over summer this year. The theft used... read more