iQbonds - The Total Solution for Electronic Bond Trading

5th May 2015

iQbonds is icubic’s high-performance solution for electronic bond trading. Market making, bond pricing, as well as the connection to electronic markets, exchanges and data platforms are integrated into one application. iQbonds performs constant calculations of bond prices and yields while simultaneously providing access to various electronic... read more

iSettle - Process Automation with iSettle

5th May 2015

iSettle - Process Automation with iSettle read more

Empowering Suppliers: What Suppliers want and expect from Early Payment Programs

24th April 2015

Company: Taulia
This comprehensive report by Taulia looks at suppliers' attitudes to early payment programmes and the technology that supports them. Buyers provide portals to their supply chain as a way to easily communicate and eliminate AP inquiries about invoice and payment status. The majority of organizations (nearly 60%) with more than $5 billion in annual... read more

Supply Chain Finance on SaaS

23rd April 2015

Company: Taulia
Supply Chain Finance on SaaS, commissioned by Taulia and produced by Aite Group, presents the benefits of running supply chain finance (SCF) software applications on a Software-­as-­a-­Service (SaaS) based platform. A very recent Aite Group research report, Supply Chain Finance: The Corporate Perspective, July 2014, shows that adoption of IT... read more

Treasury Management Systems Guide 2014/15

21st October 2014

Company: bobsguide
Treasury management systems (TMS) are vital for corporate treasurers that want to manage their cash and exposures as efficiently as possible. The bobsguide Treasury Management Systems Guide 2014/15 provides access to a variety of feature articles that examine some of the important issues related to TMS today and a comprehensive functionality matrix... read more

Q&A with Imagine Software around Customized Risk and Compliance Platform

25th September 2014

In July, Rothschild and Larch Lane jointly launched a liquid alternative fund, and in doing so, the hedge fund firms selected a customized risk and compliance platform from Imagine. Scott Sherman, a founding partner of Imagine and global head of sales and business development, explains how the technology necessary for these vehicles differs from... read more

Hedge Fund Technology: Competitive Advantage for Tomorrow

18th September 2014

Company: StatPro Group
The hedge fund industry stands on an inflection point. Whilst hedge funds are shedding their niche status and assets under management are growing fast, only the brightest funds will manage to leverage today’s challenges of spiraling costs, increasing client expectations, and a rising global compliance bill, to create competitive advantages for... read more

The Era of Big Data – Implications for Investment Managers

21st August 2014

Company: INDATA
Big data is everywhere. From an IT perspective, it is one of the most discussed topics within the general IT industry. The purpose of this white paper is to impart a general understanding about big data and what it means for investment management firms, while also providing an intellectual framework for evaluating investment software systems and... read more

The rise and fall of a fraudulent transaction

3rd June 2014

Company: Compass Plus
How a multi-layered approach can combat the constantly changing threats from financial fraudsters. read more

Making EMV Work Across New Markets

3rd June 2014

Company: Compass Plus
A Compass Plus guide to successful EMV implementation in the United States. read more