Beyond STP. Transforming trading efficiency: 5 steps to smarter automation

30th November 2018

Whether your aim is simply to be more time- and cost-efficient in the way you currently handle trading data; to transform the way you handle regulatory reporting; or to exploit AIdriven analytics, machine learning or blockchain, it makes sense to plan for a smart, data automation-driven future. read more

CREALOGIX: The Little Orange Book of Digital Wealth Management

21st November 2018

Company: Crealogix
Wealth management: disruption is coming! What are the challenges and what are leading firms doing about it? - Millennials: why should we care? - What are the essentials of digital services for wealth management? - Do wealth management firms really have to overhaul everything to go digital? This new guide from CREALOGIX UK provides digital... read more

Modernize core banking: How to improve the customer experience

13th November 2018

Company: Five Degrees
Legacy core banking owners know all about inflexibility. This white paper explains how you can improve the customer experience by implementing our digital banking platform on top of your legacy core banking system. read more

Matrix digital core banking: Next-generation banking

6th November 2018

Company: Five Degrees
What is Matrix? How can it help transform banking? How can it help you transform to a digital bank? This white paper explains Matrix’s cutting-edge technology and functionalities. read more

AutoRek for Retail Banks

24th October 2018

Company: AutoRek
We work with your existing data to ensure there is no major upstream work to prepare data. On receipt of data we execute a number of data validation and integrity checks to ensure a “golden source” is prepared. Our platform provides: Internal & External Reconciliations Regulatory Reporting Management Information Configurable Dashboards Fast... read more

Performance testing of distributed ledger technology

17th October 2018

Company: GFT
The last few years have seen huge investment into software that brings distributed ledger technology (DLT) to financial markets, but it remains unclear as to whether it will be fit for purpose. In particular, it remains to be demonstrated that DLT is capable of working in intensely demanding, high throughput environments, suitable for financial... read more

MiFID II Transaction Reporting & Data Control

17th October 2018

Company: AutoRek
AutoRek can assist you firm with reconciling transaction data across all the G20 Reporting Obligations regimes using a single controls framework that meets the various regulatory requirements and adheres to the individual, jurisdictional data laws. read more

Breathing New Life into ACH Processing

17th October 2018

Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers have proven to be both easy and affordable methods of moving money. ACH volumes continue to rise and have tripled over the past 10 years. With 21.5 billion transactions processed annually, ACH will continue to remain a vital part of any financial institution’s payment strategy. However, established ACH... read more

Whitepaper | Why backup NAVs are a necessity… Are you ready?

16th October 2018

Company: Milestone Group
Picture the scene. It’s late. You’re waiting for a call and you’re holding back your team from heading home. Your phone rings, and it’s your service provider. They have a problem. No matter what explanation is given the problem is the same – there’s a glitch and your investors will not be receiving a valid NAV from your service... read more