Cloud Banking - Innovation without limits Report

6th November 2019

Company: Finastra
A worldwide survey of banking leaders carried out in partnership with EFMA provides a clearer picture of the needs and motivations for banks, what the cloud offers and some candid advice to those on a mission to move to the cloud. read more

IBOR Transition Made Simple

15th October 2019

Company: Finastra
There are many benefits from moving away from term IBOR rates onto overnight Risk-Free Rates (e.g. the reduction of complexities in pricing) but the transition effort can be daunting. This paper will show that using new technologies and platforms can make the transition process much easier. We will focus on how financial institutions can leverage... read more

Digital Banking for SME loans

10th October 2019

Company: Five Degrees
Small and Medium Enterprises (SME's) have been neglected by banks which lead SME's to turn to alternative financing resources. The traditional banks need to embrace the digital revolution and the power of Fintech's to stay relevant in the fast-moving financial world. This insight paper helps you plan a winning SME Lending strategy. read more

FreedomPay - Re-imagining loyalty through payment systems

9th October 2019

Company: FreedomPay
Loyalty customers are always asked to prove who they are or to remember a membership number; it's no wonder their desire to engage soon disappears. Members of loyalty programs typically spend between 12 - 18% more annually than non-loyalty program members, according to Accenture. And yet, many programs lack the digital architecture to satisfy the... read more

GENERATION Z - The Next Wave of Customers for Banks

3rd October 2019

Company: Auriga
For a decade or more, banks have been targeting the Millennial customer born between 1980 and 1994. But today Millennials are as likely to be senior managers within many retail banks. So perhaps attention should shift to the next wave of new customers called Generation Z? This white paper explores Generation Z, their behaviours, attitudes to... read more

White Paper -Sharpening the Competitive Edge: A Tier 2 / Tier 3 Bank Perspective

3rd October 2019

Sharpening the Competitive Edge: A Tier 2 / Tier 3 Bank Perspective read more

Digital Banking for SME loans

26th September 2019

Company: Five Degrees
How can banks seize the SME lending opportunity? Find out how to plan a winning SME lending strategy to stay relevant in the fast-moving financial world. read more

How Reinsurers Can Achieve Strategic Growth in a Challenging Landscape

24th September 2019

The latest statistics show that the reinsurance market is both robust and healthy from a supply-side economics point-of-view, with record levels of capital. As pressure from investors increase, insurers are becoming less tolerant of missed earnings targets, with reinsurance used increasingly for earnings protection and volatility reduction. In... read more

Monkey Insights March 2019: Business Banking

20th September 2019

Company: Finastra
Monkey Insights “little-data” report, is a report where an overwhelming amount of big data surrounding Digital Banking is broken up into digestible analytic “factoids” called little data. This report focuses on Business Digital and how businesses are using digital, both desktop usage and mobile banking usage. read more