Editorial Guidelines

There are several types of content that you can create at bobsguide, but our aim is to help you advance the conversation about the market in which you operate, or are thinking of moving into.

We have some simple TIPS to help you produce a quality piece of content to engage our readers.

Market commentary

This can be produced one of the following ways:

Looking back: Consider, for example, a piece of legislation that has altered the landscape within which your firm operates or a change in market dynamics. The topic may have been captured elsewhere (factoring in time passed), if your piece shows individuality and depth of character, you will be able to captivate your audience.

Looking forward: Reflect on the above, but consider changes you see happening within your market or sector. This might be a piece of regulation, or for example, wholesale changes in market participants.

New market analysis: If you are moving into a new market, a balanced and thought-provoking discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of that market can be incredibly interesting.

Biographical Q&A

If you have a new hire (particularly at Executive level) our readers, as well as your clients will want to know more about them. Whilst personal interests will no doubt peak curiosity, the most informative and appealing Q&As should cover strategic plans, corporate initiatives and outward looking thoughts on the shape of the respective market.

Research (external)

Naturally, in the markets we serve there is a constant stream of research and reports produced by consultants/analysts. Quite often, the press will break the news that a report has been published, but the stand-out articles focus on one aspect of the report and interpret it for their relevant sector. It can be useful to look at data produced by the report, and analyse why the statistics say what they do.

Research (internal)

If you or someone within your organisation has taken the time to create a report, shout about it. Avoid repetition by adding a new dimension to it by publishing an interpretation of the findings on bobsguide.


Use lists to keep your reader engaged. It can be a great tool to highlight an argument or add clarity to the status quo.


  1. A ‘Punchy’ headline.
  2. A short introduction.
  3. 3. 5 to 15 points, with a short paragraph of commentary and analysis, respectively.

Technical how to

These can be as in-depth as you deem appropriate to the subject matter. The bobsguide audience is sophisticated and knows our market, however, our editors can be on hand to assist when and if necessary.


One of the problems many writers face is that they reflect upon what they are producing without pre-empting what their readers may have read in other publications. The impact of this can lead to readers disregarding the article in its entirety.

  • Begin your argument strongly, followed by the finer points to reinforce your argument.
  • Opinions count. The most effective articles are those with a unique perspective.
  • Bring credibility to your argument by using quotes and data.
  • Show timelines where appropriate, these can be interesting and add scope to your material.
  • Give the reader something to talk about. Ensure your article is current and relevant.
  • Use a solid structure. Lists or bullet points can keep the reader engaged.
  • Inform your audience concisely. Be informative, but try to be as economical as possible with the words you use.
  • Don’t worry too much about over simplifying concepts. While those who read the magazine work in the industry, we can assume some level of background knowledge of the topics we cover, remember we also have a large general audience who may be less familiar with the concepts you are discussing. Getting this balance right is crucial.
  • Evaluate your analytics once the article has been published.

Have a look through our archive and aim to add something fresh to the debate!


bobsguide reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to edit articles for reasons including, but not limited to, style, accuracy, length, and legal compliance. This editing may include the addition of new copy such as headlines, sub-headings, captions and pull-quotes. By submitting content to bobsguide you are assigning all rights to bobsguide to publish the content in any medium, any language and any territory, providing you are identified as the author of that content.

You accept full responsibility for any errors or omissions in your content and you understand that bobsguide will accept no liability, legal or otherwise, on your behalf. bobsguide cannot guarantee a specific date or time of publication. Articles are submitted on the basis that they are available for immediate publication.

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