Security (hardware / software)

IT hardware security solutions including encryption, biometrics and scanners to reduce fraud and minimise risk within payments and authentication. Browse our list of reputable IT security service vendors on bobsguide to find a solution to safeguard your business and clients.

Company: Bottomline
Accelerate your data strategy with a globally accessible repository that enables an end-to-end view of all financial messages.
Company: Comarch Finance
Comarch Identity & Access Management (IAM) - Secure your business data and infrastructure while staying GDPR-compliant! Comarch Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a solution that allows ...
Company: Comarch Finance
Comarch tPro ECC - Protect your customers from remote attacks and save on operating costs Comarch tPro ECC is an innovative USB token for digital signature designed to meet the ...
Company: Comarch Finance
Comarch tPro Mobile - Protect your customers from fraud transactions and save on hardware costs Comarch tPro Mobile is a mobile solution for strong customer authentication and ...