Retail Banking Systems

Finding the retail banking software most suited to your requirements is simple with bobsguide. From ATM technology to electronic commerce solutions and card processing, we offer the most up to date information on retail banking systems in the financial sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for retail banking software?

As those in the retail banking industry already know, having access to retail systems and solutions that are quick, reliable and relevant to an organisation's requirements is vital in today's fast-paced and highly competitive marketplace.

With customer satisfaction at the forefront of any retail business, having retail management systems which run smoothly and help to process payments quickly without any problems is vital to a retail bank’s core business functions.

Retail banking systems can help to simplify processes such as customer account management and processing of payments, resulting in more efficient working practices and increased levels of profitability. The bobsguide portal offers you the chance to look through a range of retail banking systems, with the ability to select between solutions relating to every aspect of banking, from ATM technology and mortgage lending to Islamic banking.

The types of retail banking systems available

There are many different types of banking and retail management systems available. Each system is provided by reputable retail banking system vendors who offer users specialised functionalities. We have separated the types of retail banking software into different categories in order to make it as simple as possible to find the solution you require.

Retail banking solutions cover a wide variety of products, with retail systems and solutions on offer that deal with all aspects of the industry. This can range from internet banking offerings to customer account management.

ATM technology comes under two categories - hardware that supports cash withdrawal, credit card payments, deposits and reporting account information via the machines and software that manages ATM channels and transactions that take place on centralised databases.

Card processing/payment systems relates to services, software and hardware that aid the issuance of credit cards, as well as how payments are approved and paid.

Check processing software is designed to allow check conversions to electronic payments to be processed via ACH/ARC/POS networks.

The customer accounts solutions that are available make it easier to manage such data through the use of recorded transactions.

Electronic commerce solutions cover a wide range of topics, relating to all aspects of online trading and finance.

Meanwhile, Islamic banking solutions are especially useful for those companies whose practices need to be in line with Sharia law. Under its rules, the charging and receipt of interest is forbidden.

For those in the mortgage industry, we also have a range of software and consultancies focusing on lending and account management.

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