The Changing Face of Mobile Payments - An overview of the mobile revolution

2nd April 2014

Company: PaymentEye
Smartphone adoption is rapidly increasing in both developed and emerging markets across the globe. Many industry analysts have predicted that 5.4 billion smartphone handsets will be in circulation worldwide by 2015. This is expected to spur buoyant growth for various mobile-enabled services, especially mobile payments, or m-payments. Experts are... read more

Smart devices revolutionising IT.

10th February 2014

One of the biggest technological revolutions impacting the Middle East is the explosive growth of smart devices, according to Dr Ismail Ali Ahmed, director of marketing and product strategies at ITS's Global Financial Solutions division. The effects of this revolution are being seen most obviously in the UAE, Ahmed said in a statement this week.... read more

InfernoSL - Sub Ledger and Accounts engine

17th January 2014

The Inferno Sub Ledger and Accounts engine (InfernoSL) was designed and developed by a global investment bank and following a management buyout by Torstone Technology, the very team that wrote and supported it; it is now available to the wider market. Sub-Ledger, Finance, Accounting, Multi-Gaap accounting, Balance Sheet reporting, FX levelling,... read more

Torstone Technology, the Back Office provider which was an Investment Bank

17th January 2014

A middle, back office and accounting technology provider that helps you to achieve greater efficiency, control and visibility for all of your multi-asset post-trade operations. Asset coverage: equities, bonds, warrants, options, money market, fixed income, FX and derivatives (equity, fund, insurance and credit). Modules include; Settlement,... read more

XENTIS for the Insurance Sector - Asset and Risk Management

17th December 2013

Company: Profidata AG
An efficient and flexible IT infrastructure is crucial for the implementation of all requirements. Profidata’s investment management system XENTIS already integrates all of the functions necessary for the controlling of the capital investments of insurance companies and, by facilitating the required asset classification, assists in establishing... read more

Xcloud – Best Practice for Individual Fund Administration

17th December 2013

Company: Profidata AG
Ambitious fund management companies offer specialist services tailored to individual customer requirements. Without the distraction of dealing with their own in-house IT systems, fund administrators are free to focus their full attention on the core business. Not only does this improve the level of customer satisfaction, but the more efficient use... read more

15 Steps to Becoming SEPA Compliant

13th November 2013

Company: Accuity
Part of the Accuity IBAN: Is the SEPA End Date an Obstacle or an Opportunity? article Accuity provides a step-by-step quick reference guide to ensuring SEPA compliance by 1 February 2014. read more

INFOGRAPHIC: Penalties for infringements of SEPA regulation

13th November 2013

Company: Accuity
All businesses making or receiving payments in euros are obliged to comply with the SEPA legislation and those that have not begun the move need to do so now to avoid potential penalties or fines. Businesses that think that they can delay starting SEPA migration programs will inevitably fail to meet the deadline and incur significant penalties.... read more

Infographic: AML Fact or Fiction? The top 3 compliance myths exposed

27th August 2013

Company: Accuity
Too many myths and misperceptions exist about what needs to be done to achieve and maintain anti-money laundering (AML) compliance. Take a look at our infographic for three of the most common misunderstandings about creating a programme and what can be done about them. read more

Infographic: Trends in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance

23rd August 2013

Company: Accuity
In an era of enhanced regulatory scrutiny, larger fines and the ongoing internationalisation of AML regulation, organisations are faced with increased risk and greater challenges to achieving and maintaining compliance. Access our infographic to learn about trends of fines for AML violations and penalties, implications of non-compliance, countries... read more