bobsguide Treasury Management Systems Guide 2015/2016

28th August 2015

Company: bobsguide
For organisations looking at sourcing and purchasing a new TMS, the Guide includes a comprehensive functionality matrix of TMS offerings available in today’s market. The Guide also includes a variety of editorial features which address areas such as risk minimisation and how to beat the increasingly sophisticated fraudster. Finally, we take... read more

Globalization: Overcoming the challenges of entering new markets

15th July 2015

Company: SimCorp
This paper investigates the various models for investment firms expanding into new markets and the many challenges that must be overcome. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to globalization - what may work for one firm, may not work for another. This paper takes a holistic approach to globalization and offers some insight to firms in the... read more

Legacy Systems The elephant in the room

26th June 2015

Company: SimCorp
If you are confronted with the decision of whether to continue finding manual workarounds to your outdated legacy infrastructure, making the move to a state-of-the-art investment management system, or outsourcing, then read this white paper to learn more. Decide on the best way forward with your IT infrastructure, based on research and insights... read more

bobsguide Trading Systems Guide 2015

29th May 2015

Company: bobsguide
Welcome to the bobsguide Buyer’s Guide to Trading 2015 Change is a constant for today’s trading firms. Evolution is occurring not only in the regulatory landscape but also in the technology world. Trading systems that were implemented as little as five years ago may well be inadequate for many firms. For organisations looking at purchasing... read more

iConnect - icubic's Key to e-Trading

5th May 2015

iConnect incorporates the connection to various trading systems via its own interfaces. It is the link between the iQ-Line and iMarket products, various electronic trading platforms, ECNs and financial institutions’ internal systems. In order to quickly adapt icubic’s software to the respective requirements of the individual electronic trading... read more

ISS - icubic subscribtion solution

5th May 2015

We connect issuers and investors. The ISS platform is web-based and can be fully integrated at the issuing company. Development costs for a software or hardware solution are rendered unnecessary. On top of this are the advantages of the modular structure that can be completely tailored to the individual requirements of the issuer. These range from... read more

iQrepos - icubic’s Electronic Repo Trading Solution

5th May 2015

The basic concept behind iQrepos is simple – to optimally utilise the full potential of electronic repo trading. This goal is achieved by combining all relevant information required for the creation and execution of a repo trade into one application. The trader is presented with an integrative front-end system containing all functions. read more

iQderivatives - The High Performance Solution for Electronic Derivatives Trading

5th May 2015

iQderivatives enables efficient derivatives trading through the integration of derivatives pricing and quoting on electronic markets and information platforms. Exchanges, such as Xetra or Eurex, deliver the data required for the calculation of the derivative prices. The open architecture of the icubic system makes an easy integration into an... read more

iMarket - Efficient Trading in D2C

5th May 2015

iMarket features an STP platform which provides a seamless connection between clients, sales and trading. The iMarket system is an ideal combination of an electronic trading plat-form and a CRM tool. iMarket’s strongest feature is its open architecture, which allows it to be easily integrated into existing system landscapes. read more

iQbonds - The Total Solution for Electronic Bond Trading

5th May 2015

iQbonds is icubic’s high-performance solution for electronic bond trading. Market making, bond pricing, as well as the connection to electronic markets, exchanges and data platforms are integrated into one application. iQbonds performs constant calculations of bond prices and yields while simultaneously providing access to various electronic... read more