RFA Risk Management Guide for the Alternative Investment Sector

19th July 2017

Company: RFA
RFA understands the pressures that face the alternative investment sector today, including security, regulation, contracts and negotiations, property and budgeting, and, most importantly, the management of risk. read more

RFA Brochure for the Alternative Investment Sector

19th July 2017

Company: RFA
RFA has been managing technology for financial services clients for almost 30 years. RFA's European Headquarters are located in Mayfair, London, which means it is well placed to provide local services to businesses in the UK financial services sector. RFA is foused on excellent service and is committed to providing industry leading technology... read more

siena ePayments

13th July 2017

A complete online payments solution providing a superior client experience, including flexible client driven single or multi-currency cross-border payment workflows and full payee management. read more

siena eTrader

13th July 2017

A complete single dealer platform providing a superior client experience. It is driven by a high performance rate engine and enriched by an intuitive dealer intervention service read more

Bringing Transparency Through MiFID II

12th July 2017

Company: Morningstar
The January 2018 deadline is quickly approaching for asset managers to calculate and deliver the new fee data required by MiFID II for their investment products. At the same time, advisory firms are determining how to source this data and how they’ll report it to their clients, particularly in pre-sale conversations. read more

Adapting Your Advice for MiFID II

12th July 2017

Company: Morningstar
Financial firms throughout Europe are rethinking their advice processes as they approach the January 2018 implementation deadline for MiFID II. The directive requires all advisers to make sure that the portfolios and advice they offer are suitable to investors’ needs. read more

It’s a marathon, not a sprint -When selecting new collateral management system

10th July 2017

Company: Calypso
When selecting a new collateral management system, market participants should take a long-term view toward the future. This article explores different deployment options available and what parameters to be considered. Read the complimentary article and find out the What Key Questions to ask when selecting a new collateral management system. ... read more

Payments {R}Evolution 2017 Magazine

5th July 2017

Company: bobsguide
Welcome the Money20/20 Europe special edition of Payments (R)Evolution magazine, the payments industry’s premier publication. The payments industry continues to accelerate its pace of change through innovation and evolution, and we are excited to hear your opinions on the most significant industry issues and trends affecting the payments... read more

Alternative Finance solutions for the FinTech industry

28th June 2017

Company: Profile Software
The video explains and demonstrates how alternative finance institutions as well as digital banks can benefit from utilising platforms that uniquely combine banking, investment management and risk management expertise. This allows startups and established firms to use the functions needed, while as in recent cases to diversify. It effortlessly... read more

OLYMPIC Banking System - Private Banking & Wealth Management overview video

14th June 2017

The most widely installed international Private Banking & Wealth Management System read more