Analyste Banking - A banking solution that covers the needs of all organizations

8th August 2019

Company: Analyste
Analyste Banking SaaS is a browser-based multi-bank service for automating the payments and account reporting of companies and organizations. The biggest difference between a licensed software and a cloud service is that in the cloud service, for example, updates are included. read more

Research Report: Family Office Efficiency in Accounting & Investment Analysis

8th August 2019

Company: FundCount
Family offices spend a whopping 20-40% of working hours on manual processes. This is just one of the many findings detailed in Family Office Focus: Efficiency in Accounting and Investment Analysis, a comprehensive research report by Family Wealth Report in partnership with FundCount. Download your free copy now. read more

Guide | Multilateral Netting | Implementation and Best Practices

7th August 2019

Company: BELLIN
This guide titled: Multilateral Netting Implementation and Best Practices delivers: A step-by-step guide to an ideal multilateral netting implementation workflow Best practices to establishing ideal systems How BELLIN’s tm5 makes the entire process simple and straight-forward read more

Guide | Corporate Payments | How to Establish Optimal Bank Connectivity

7th August 2019

Company: BELLIN
This guide explains the current payment system landscape, connectivity options, and provides an internal connectivity checklist for you to use when reviewing your company’s current landscape. Finally, we explain how to define clear and structured project goals and outcomes. read more

Infographic | Transform Intercompany Trade with Multilateral Netting

7th August 2019

Company: BELLIN
A multilateral netting solution provides companies with a host of benefits to help boost productivity and reduce bank and FX fees. This infographic illustrates the main benefits and savings. read more

Enhancing Disrupter FinTechs

6th August 2019

Company: Cashfac
This paper discusses the common challenges we believe fintechs face. It looks at the 5 main categories in the market and the importance of having the adequate back-office to support and connect with their internal and external systems to ensure efficient client money management, segregation and adherence to regulation. The categories include... read more

Case Study: How Analyste Helps Uponor Predict Cash Flows

5th August 2019

Company: Analyste
See how Analyste helps Uponor save time with their Cash Forecasting Solution. read more

SONIA System & Service

2nd August 2019

Salmon Software is pleased to announce the launch of our new SaaS Cloud-based Salmon Treasurer - SONIA System & Service. read more

AI in banking

1st August 2019

Company: Finastra
Where is the industry at on its journey with AI? What are the trends and areas of focus? How is AI applied in Banking? Watch this candid and insightful video interview of Steve Guggenheimer to find out more. read more

Strategic Alliances & Collaborations with FinTechs &

1st August 2019

Company: Finastra
Juan Jiménez Zaballos, Global Head of Corporate Banking Innovation discusses how Santander is tackling the fintech wave with an open API strategy, and how platform complements this. read more