Accuity Awarded in 'Solutions for Watchlist Screening: 2018 ABCD Vendor View'

5th March 2019

Company: Accuity
Industry analyst firm Celent recently analysed the vendor marketplace to produce its ‘ABCD Vendor View of Solutions for Watchlist Screening’. It presented, at a glance, the relative positions of each vendor across four categories: - Advanced and agile technology - Breadth of functionality - Customer base (relative number and distribution of... read more

Case Study –Bringing Integrated Accounting & Reporting to Beacon Fund Services

5th March 2019

Company: FundCount
FundCount's integrated portfolio and partnership accounting software supports the different reporting requirements of Beacon Fund Services' onshore and offshore entities. The software handles the full range of security types and offers a fully integrated real-time general ledger that ensures accurate, consolidated information for analysis and... read more

Dispelling the myths around UK Payments

4th March 2019

Company: AccessPay
New tech is changing how businesses handle and store money. The payments landscape is shifting so rapidly, and with new laws like PSD2 coming into play, it’s all a bit of a blur. Quite understandably you may have concerns that you’ll have to pay a large amount of money to update your ERP, TMS and payroll systems if you want to get on board... read more

Accuity Industry Report: Findings from the 2018 Accuity Payments Survey

1st March 2019

Company: Accuity
A key priority for banks and payments providers is customer centricity, with companies seeking to differentiate themselves by offering a faster, better and more trusted service. Payments service providers understand that a sharper customer focus can help shape innovation and support growth. This report details how these businesses are leveraging... read more

Accuity Industry Report: Findings from the 2018 Accuity KYC Survey

28th February 2019

Company: Accuity
Accuity surveyed over 100 banks, financial institutions, corporates, and government and regulatory bodies across all regions to gain deeper insight into their pain points when conducting financial counterparty KYC. This industry report analyses the results to provide a global view of the latest trends, including the increased emphasis on the need... read more

Whitepaper: Shareholder Rights Directive

28th February 2019

The Shareholder Rights Directive must be transposed into EU member state national law by 3rd Sept 2020, requiring custodians and intermediaries to adhere to more stringent processing deadlines and mandatory processes such as shareholder identification. ‘Shareholder Rights Directive: Everything You Need to Know’ highlights the opportunity the... read more

Matrix lending & leasing Brochure

28th February 2019

Company: Five Degrees read more

Survival of the fittest: How to tackle multi-asset in a challenged market

27th February 2019

Company: SimCorp
An in-depth look at tackling multi-asset challenges and finding the opportunities in North America. The third annual  Multi-Asset Strategies Investing, North America  report brings together a multi background line-up of 9 asset owners and market commentators to debate, outline and review sector trends impacting the multi-asset investment... read more

Exploring trends in the buy-side market

26th February 2019

Company: SimCorp
Following Clear Path’s Fund Management Operations Summit in London, this new report brings together several pieces of thought leadership exploring some of the most discussed trends in the market today. SimCorp has partnered with Clear Path Analysis to provide insights into the impact and practical use cases of today’s important topics -... read more

Active management insights: 2019 North American InvestOps report

26th February 2019

Company: SimCorp
Enhancing competitiveness through multi-asset, front-to-back investment operations: 100 heads of North American buy-side investment operations shared their insights, which have specific relevance for active managers working to enhance competitiveness, improve margins and add value for investors. read more