Brochure: MXtest

4th February 2019

Company: Murex
Including test package configuration, execution and result analysis, MXtest is a fast, efficient and affordable way to test your MX.3 platfrom. A standalone test automation tool, it allows you to keep pace with rapid technology advances. read more

Brochure: MX Control Tower

4th February 2019

Company: Murex
Unlock potential cost-savings and make more informed decisions with Murex's new business intelligence tool, MX Control Tower. Measure and qualify performance and risk across business layers to anticipate business strategy evolution and forecast future workloads. read more

Brochure: Murex Cloud Solutions: From IaaS to SaaS

4th February 2019

Company: Murex
Murex cloud and SaaS solutions combine the full power of a leading technology platform with the expertise and infrastructure to manage it. Tailored to your specific needs, it allows you to focus on your core business, take advantage of the latest innovations and be prepared for the future capital markets. For more information on Murex's... read more

Brochure: Murex Services

4th February 2019

Company: Murex
Murex services are built on four core principles: a commitment to delivering client centric services, continuous knowledge sharing, strong partnerships and leading development and testing tools. To find out more about our services, please read our brochure. read more

White paper: Building the Capital Markets Technology of the Future

4th February 2019

Company: Murex
In this whitepaper, learn what it takes to thrive in today's capital markets from leaders across the industry. Key topics addressed in this whitepaper include: • The challenges and opportunities of replatforming projects • Changing business strategies in an evolving marketing • What needs to be considered when updating your IT model •... read more

The Entity Resolution Mission

1st February 2019

Boost operational efficiency for entity resolution. SAFE Alert Manager combines severity and probability to identify alerts with the highest risk and greatest likelihood of being true. Download the infographic to learn more. read more

Consolidated Audit Trail Go-Live Will Happen; Patience Required

1st February 2019

Company: Kx
As you may have seen, the Wall Street Journal broke the news yesterday that Thesys Technologies, which is currently the Plan Processor for the Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT), are on their way out. With stock exchanges ready to replace Thesys, this change presents a number of questions and, as a result, the uncertainty of CAT continues to persist.... read more

A smarter way to report on financial trades?

30th January 2019

New JWG research confirms a growing appetite for a more sustainable, repeatable approach to Capital Markets transaction reporting, as regulatory demands soar read more

On Demand Webinar: Transaction Reporting & Data Control

30th January 2019

Company: AutoRek
This webinar recording discusses ways in which AutoRek performs data integrity/validation checks, creates a golden source of data ahead of reporting into the firm’s selected ARM (Approved Reporting Mechanism) and simplifies the 3-way Reconciliation process. AutoRek demonstrated how their system is being used by top UK asset manager to fulfil... read more

Top Banking Trends for 2019 and How Banks Need to Prepare

28th January 2019

Company: Auriga
What does 2019 have in store for banking? Mark Aldred, Head of International Sales at Auriga explores the key banking trends that will shape the industry and how banks need to prepare. Discover how bank branch location, fintech partnerships, AI experimentation and more will impact banking over the next twelve months in our white paper. Get... read more