UBL (Switzerland) AG has chosen the OLYMPIC Banking System®

21st December 2020

UBL (Switzerland) AG, the Zürich-based subsidiary of United Bank Limited, the second largest private commercial bank in Pakistan, has selected the OLYMPIC Banking System to run its core banking and trade finance operations. read more

Cidel wins “Digital lnnovator of the Year” Award

21st December 2020

ERI is delighted to announce that Cidel, thanks to its innovative deployment of the OLYMPIC Banking System, has won the Digital Innovator of the Year award. read more

Elf on The Shelf – What Would The Regulatory Elf Be Up To?!

18th December 2020

The Elf on the Shelf book explains that scout elves get their magic by being named. So, if the Ghost of Christmas Future revealed one called ‘Regulatory Elf’ inside a firm this festive season, I wonder what Regulatory Elf would be looking for to report back each night? LIBOR Cessation, Easing of Best Execution RTS 27 & 28 Reporting, Increased... read more

Blog - Brexit Pragmatism paves the way to proportionate Banking Regulation

17th December 2020

One area which will be of great interest following Brexit will be that the Bank of England will be free to implement a new regime for smaller banks that would have been impossible while a member of the EU. Deputy Governor of the BoE, Sam Woods, announced the measure stating “let’s have high standards here in London and here in the UK, but... read more

GFT podcast now available on DAML with Digital Asset

17th December 2020

Company: GFT
Listen here to the third episode of ‘Your immutable future’ podcast, a regular podcast series examining Distributed Ledger Technologies and Crypto in the financial services industry. For this addition, our host David Creer is joined by Shaul Kfir (CTO, Digital Asset) to discuss DAML & smart contracts. read more

Leaders Panel: Survival of the Fittest or the Biggest?

15th December 2020

Company: nCino
Enjoy this panel from the Global Banking Summit featuring Josh Glover, the Chief Revenue Officer from nCino. Big questions will be discussed in the future of global banking, including if it's a matter of survival of the fittest or biggest, and if the banking world will become more concentrated in the EMEA market, as well as the future of... read more

Digital Assets - 5 Strategic Questions Every Bank Should Answer

15th December 2020

Which new business areas and growth opportunities do you consider particularly relevant for your bank in the coming years? One of the answers I hear most frequently in many of my conversations with customers is "digital assets" and "tokenization", because the former buzzwords are increasingly becoming tangible business opportunities. read more

Are Asset Owners getting a fair deal on Major Currencies?

14th December 2020

Many Pension Funds and other asset owners assume that their Investment Manager is executing their FX at competitive rates, especially for Majors, but the bottom graph shows that Managers who leave FX for the Custodians to execute pay many times more. read more

Transforming the Commercial Lending Process for a Digital-First World

14th December 2020

Company: nCino
Joel Pruis and Tom Hill of Cornerstone Advisors will share information and strategies to help financial institutions transform their commercial lending business for a digital-first world. Attendees will leave this webinar prepared to evaluate, select and implement a CLOS that improves the user experience, increases their competitive advantage, and... read more

Upgrading Experience and Efficiency: RLOS Market Overview

11th December 2020

Company: nCino
This report provides an overview of the RLOS market, examines the factors impacting financial institutions’ use of RLOS solutions, and identifies the differentiating features and capabilities offered by vendors that serve a broad spectrum of consumer lenders, from fintech startups to large banks, around the world. read more