Your immutable future - Let's talk DAML engineering

11th January 2021

Company: GFT
Listen here to the latest episode of ‘Your immutable future’ podcast, a regular podcast series examining Distributed Ledger Technologies and Crypto in the financial services industry. For the first podcast of 2021, our host David Creer is joined by Bernhard Elsner from Digital Asset, along with other GFT DLT specialists to discuss DAML... read more

The Case for Mid-Market Rates in Over-the-Counter FX Transaction Cost Analysis

11th January 2021

This paper asserts that the mid-market price should be the benchmark data set against which transaction costs are measured in OTC currency markets. On average, market-making banks trade at the mid-market price. The cost in basis points between the transacted rate and the mid-market rate, multiplied by the volume of the empirical trade, provides a... read more

Whitepaper: Escaping the invoice chaos!

8th January 2021

Gain a deeper insight into the topic "processing digital incoming invoices in SAP". Learn more about the advantages of automated processing of incoming invoices - 100% integrated in SAP. Work less, create more and at the same time gain a company-wide overview: What sounds almost like a miracle is, however, obvious. read more

Leveraging real-time payments digital ecosystems: Benefit from expanded access

7th January 2021

Company: Bottomline
Explore trends in payment system access models & examine how the move toward open access can enable the next-generation of payment services. The 4 steps to success: • Choose the correct RTP model for your business • Build the RTP business case • Select the right implementation approach for your strategy • Transform your RTP strategy into... read more

PRIIPs methodology in light of COVID-19 pandemic – Does it deliver?

7th January 2021

The PRIIPs regulation came into effect in January 2018, with intentions to help investors understand investment products behaviour and support comparison with other investment products. As COVID-19 pandemic has led (and is still leading) the global financial markets into a “Stress Scenario”, we set out to test: If the PRIIPs KID methodology... read more

Webinar to guide you through LIBOR & EURIBOR

7th January 2021

LPA IBOR software and services can guide you through LIBOR& EURIBOR transitions in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. read more

Digital trends driving the future of customer experiences in financial services

6th January 2021

Company: Finastra
In an increasingly competitive financial services market, customer experience is becoming a key driver of retention, growth and competitive advantage. As account holders expect more from their financial institutions, providers will need to keep up. Luckily, Fintech apps could be the key to adapting. read more

The role of transaction data in payments operations

6th January 2021

Company: INTIX
Fintech Finance talked to Sajid Gani, Head of CIB Operations South Africa, Standard Bank, about the evolution of the payments landscape and the use of Intix to make transaction data accessible and actionable. Check out read more

Interval Time Average Price

4th January 2021

This paper details a solution to the absence of reliable volume weighted average price (VWAP) data in over-the-counter (OTC) foreign exchange markets: The Interval Time Average Price (ITAP). The methodology can be used to evaluate trading costs in OTC foreign exchange, even in cases where time stamps may not be available in the trade history. The... read more


21st December 2020

Indigita and ERI offer an integrated solution, combining the Indigita API with the OLYMPIC Banking System. This allows financial institutions to automate their cross-border, product suitability, investor protection and tax suitability controls, based on the unrivalled country manuals of BRP Bizzozero & Partners SA and BRP Tax SA. read more