LIBOR 360: Exploring costs and best practices of the LIBOR transition

28 Sep 2020
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28 Sep 2020
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To support your transition from LIBOR, Finastra has organized this webinar to enable you to gain insight into the journey ahead and plan for the transition in the most optimal way.

Hosted by a panel of experts from Federal Home Loan Bank of New York, Opimas and Finastra, the webinar will address Libor from a wide perspective and help you to:

- Explore the true costs of LIBOR migration for financial institutions, across different lines of business
- Discover frameworks for forming budgets and optimal transition plans
- Learn how to deal with financial contracts if LIBOR ceases to be published
- Answer questions like: Will hedges break? Is there a P&L impact with resets, billings, booking new trades?
- Take the temperature of how the industry is progressing
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