eBook: Keeping Pace with Innovation in Real-Time Payments

28 May 2020
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28 May 2020
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How You Can Harness the Evolution of Real-Time Innovation?

The pace of change with real-time is fast, and things are only going one way. How do you plan to keep up? The time for banks to start developing their real-time payments capabilities is now and banks who fail to keep pace with real-time innovation risk trapping themselves in market irrelevance.

Already, some banks are real-time ready, it is vital that their peers keep pace. This eBook will inform and enable you to:

- Understand the global scope and speed of real-time payment adoption
- Realize the multi-faceted impacts of real-time, from corporate to consumer expectations
- Access the latest numbers around real-time payments
- Prepare for the barriers to real-time adoption, such as compliance initiatives, and discover how you can overcome these
- Lower reputational risk and customer attrition, and wield the development of real-time today!
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