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Azul Zulu Enterprise

Zulu Enterprise ia 100% open source, fully standards-compliant Java Development Kit (JDK) and runtime platform with flexible pricing and support plans, no proprietary licenses or field of use restrictions, timely security updates, and the industry’s best support from Azul’s globally-distributed support team. The level of support is extremely important to many customers, as one survey respondent, a VP of Global Information Security, explained: “One of the big benefits of Zulu is its strong support and the optionality of the level of support you want to receive. Customers perceive Azul as really trying to work with them to find the best solution that fits their business needs.”

Zulu Enterprise protects Java-based organizations with:

  • Security update delivery backed by a strict SLA
  • 100% open source builds that are TCK-tested and certified
  • A wide variety of packaging and delivery options
  • Pricing that is far lower than Oracle Java SE Subscriptions
  • Protection from open source license contamination
  • Advanced profiling with Zulu Mission Control

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