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zeb.control.regulatory – Solvency ll

Ensuring regulatory compliance – Efficiency benefits through fully automated calculations – Focus on business management and risk management – Audit-proof process model and integrated workflow of the entire Solvency II processing – Highest flexibility and company-specific parameterization

zeb.control.regulatory – Solvency II supports all three Solvency II pillars in an integrated end-to-end process and has been proven with several international insurance companies. With zeb’s Solvency II software the fulfillment of all regulatory requirements will run smoothly and with minimal effort. High flexibility of the system and company-specific parameterization allow for individual configuration of the software based on your particular company. Comprehensive analyses and simulations required by national supervisory authorities in the EU can be conducted by the use of zeb.control.regulatory – Solvency II.



                                                 Figure 1: zeb.control.regulatory – Solvency II architecture 


The Solvency II module provides functionality for the calculation of all Solvency II indicators based on a self-developed and audit-proof process model, which covers data quality management, scenario management, calculation, reporting and generation of XBRL-files. Full automation of calculations and data processing facilitates reporting and reduces the error rate.

The extensive functionalities of each of the aforementioned processes with the demonstration of exemplary reports are explained in the following video:




InsuranceERM nominated zeb as finalist for last year's InsuranceERM Awards. Therefore, you can find zeb with its software zeb.control.regulatory – Solvency II amongst the finalists of the technology area within the categories “Best Solvency II solution” as well as “Best regulatory reporting software”.  

In 2016, KPMG already rated zeb.control as one of the leading software solutions for IFRS 9 and 17 and also Solvency in the context of their “Solution Comparison”. 


For more information about Solvency II please visit zeb.control.regulatory – Solvency II.  

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